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How much does a used mini excavator cost

Release Time: 2020-02-10


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How much does a used mini excavator cost
Small excavators usually refer to 1-6 ton excavators. Second-hand small excavators are widely used, used for small construction areas and have a short life cycle. Users of second-hand small excavators often compare the prices of different brands and different manufacturers. China Machinery has organized the prices of different models in the market for you to refer to when buying.

In terms of model size, the price of a used small excavator is roughly this:
1 ton: about 14,000 yuan
2 tons: about 18,000-25,000 yuan
3 tons: 23,000-38,000 yuan
4 tons: 30,000-50,000 yuan
5 tons: more than ten thousand to sixty thousand yuan

6 tons: 60,000-75 thousand yuan

This price is only for rough estimation. The price of imported used excavators will be more expensive, and the specific brand and model will be different. Such as Caterpillar excavators, Komatsu excavators, Hitachi excavators, Volvo excavators, Therefore, when buying a used excavator, the price still depends on the performance and usage time of the excavator, and how much residual value is left.

China Machinery is a business that specializes in finding used excavators for customers. We recycle excavators for everyone around the world. After our inspection and evaluation of excavators, we provide you with used excavators for more people who need used excavators To buy a way.