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Second-hand Excavators Also Need Maintenance

Release Time: 2020-01-10


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Second-hand Excavators Also Need Maintenance

In recent years, second-hand excavators have quickly occupied a place in the excavator market, but many manufacturers who buy second-hand excavators often ignore the maintenance work of second-hand excavators, which leads to the often-repaired used excavators sold, which not only delays work Progress, and also increased production costs. This also often causes misunderstanding between consumers and sellers. Consumers think that the quality of second-hand excavators sold by sellers is not good, and sellers think that consumers are unreasonable.

Second-hand Excavator PC120-6

KOMATSU Second-hand Excavator PC120-6

Whether it is a new excavator or a second-hand excavator, it must be maintained by staff. The task of the excavator maintenance work is to keep the normal wear and tear and avoid accidental wear and tear. Therefore, the maintenance work must run through the daily work and become an important part of the construction process. The maintenance of second-hand excavators mainly includes three specific contents: inspection, cleaning, and lubrication.

Maintenance content of Hyundai used excavator:

1. During the operation, pay attention to the operation of each motor, the condition of the mechanical transmission, and whether there are any abnormalities in the braking system, control system, cooling fan, lighting and signals. If problems are found, they must be dealt with in time to avoid causing more damage.

2. After not using the excavator or after using it, carefully check whether the anchor screws and bearing pad screws are loose, the gears are engaged and lubricated, and the bearings, power units, control systems, brakes, reduction boxes, Are there any abnormal wear and damage on the track shoes, foundation parts, cables, wire ropes, bucket teeth, etc.

3. The mechanical and electrical parts of the excavator should always be kept clean to prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the interior

4. Good lubrication can reduce mechanical wear and failure during operation, but the lubrication must be performed in strict accordance with the excavator instructions.

5. Always check the lubrication system to ensure that the oil circuit is unobstructed.

6. For newly installed excavators, all parts must be filled with oil before trial operation, and the lubrication status must be checked in shifts within the first week of work. For excavators that have not been used for a long time, the original excavators must be replaced before use. Squeeze out the old dry oil.

China Machinery Trading CO.,LTD is a Chinese company that focuses on selling various well-known brands of used excavators. It has a good reputation in the second-hand excavator market in China.

China Machinery Trading CO.,LTD is supported by customers for its high-quality, low-priced used excavators.Today, their main markets are Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Their main brands and products are:


CAT 325Bl Second-hand Excavator

CAT 325Bl Second-hand Excavator


SDLG LG956L Used Loader

SDLG LG956L Used Loader

3. Roller: BMW, KOMATSU, DYNAPAC etc

Dynapac Used Road roller CA30D Compactor

Dynapac Used Road Roller CA30D Compactor


5. Forklift: TOYOTA, KOMATSU etc

Although China Machinery Trading CO.,LTD is a large company, it still cares about the feelings of every customer. It is their company culture to serve customers wholeheartedly. After ordering the products, they will confirm the order with you in the shortest time and deliver your goods.  In addition, they have excellent after-sales service to solve various problems for customers.

Next, China Machinery Trading CO.,LTD will answer the precautions for maintaining used excavators for you:

1. Wash thoroughly when changing oil. Second-hand excavators produce more impurities after operation, and incomplete cleaning can easily cause accidents.

2. Do not use bolts arbitrarily, and use bolts whose quality and performance meet technical requirements.

3. Regulate the use of gaskets. Do not use gaskets in order to avoid damage to other parts.

The maintenance and maintenance of second-hand excavators often determine their service life.

Maintenance of excavators can make the best use of them.

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