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How to solve the problem of second-hand excavator arm falling + difficult recovery?

Release Time: 2020-12-24


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How to solve the problem of second-hand excavator arm falling + difficult recovery?
Second-hand excavators will always encounter problems such as the excavator's arm drop and difficulty in recycling during the construction process. Today teach you repair methods to save money and time.
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Failure analysis of excavators:

First: oil seal; suddenly the problem of arm dropping, the first thing we have to consider is that the oil seal is damaged, because the oil seal acts as a moat or city wall, so once the oil seal is damaged or aging, it will directly cause oil Lost, manifested in the machine is serious arm fall and difficult recovery.

Second: Cylinder; for the same reason, if the cylinder is worn, it will also cause the middle arm to fall off, and the cause of this failure is very common in life.

Third: Main safety valve; if the main safety valve is stuck or severely worn, the middle arm will also fall off and the recovery will be difficult. 

Fourth: Internal failure of the hydraulic pump; if all the above-mentioned failure points have been checked, a thorough overhaul of the hydraulic pump is imminent, because every year a large number of arm failures are caused by internal problems in the hydraulic pump.

Fifth: Distribution valve; Of course, the distribution valve is also a major cause of arm failure, so the distribution valve should be checked more carefully!

There are two reasons for this failure phenomenon that everyone can learn from and think about. 

The first is that when a failure occurs, don't hesitate or delay, take the time to stop and start overhauling, so that the failure will not be enlarged due to time delay. 

The second is that the maintenance process must follow a simple to complex process, and check one by one according to the analysis reasons! And some faulty parts cannot be repaired to continue working, so they must be replaced immediately!

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