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Is the second-hand Komatsu PC200-7 excavator worth buying?

Release Time: 2021-01-04


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Is the second-hand Komatsu PC200-7 excavator worth buying?
The Komatsu PC200 series is one of Komatsu's classic models, and the Komatsu "-7" series has become a classic excavator in the minds of many people. After many years, Komatsu PC200-7 is still active in the second mobile phone market.

Komatsu PC200-7 inherits Komatsu's excellent performance and is different from the familiar -8 series.

China Machinery is selling second-hand Komatsu PC200-7 excavators

In appearance, the Komatsu PC200-7 and Komatsu PC200-8 are not very different, and both use the classic Komatsu yellow and black tones. In terms of power, the Komatsu PC200-7 is different from the Komatsu PC200-8. 

The Komatsu PC200-7 uses a direct injection Komatsu SAA6D102E-2 engine with a power of 145PS, while the next-generation Komatsu PC200-8 uses electronic injection. engine.

Komatsu PC200-7 excavator is a 20-ton classic model with a working weight of 19.7 tons, appearance dimensions of length X width X height 9425X2800X3000mm, stick digging force 108KN, bucket digging force 149KN, and crawler length 4080mm. The working weight of its next-generation Komatsu PC200-8 is 19.9 tons.

Of course, there will be minor problems in the use of Komatsu PC200-7. Komatsu PC200-7 has several common problems. The first is the problem of cracking of the boom. The first is the corner on the top, and the two circles on the top of the boom cylinder are easy to weld. Cracked. 

There is also the forearm cylinder, the two high-pressure oil pipes on the top of the big arm, and the two on the rotating motor are prone to explosion, and the walking strength is obviously reduced.

Overall, the performance of Komatsu PC200-7 excavator is very advantageous in Komatsu's digging force, and it is also a second-hand excavator worth buying.

China National Machinery is selling second-hand Komatsu PC200-7 excavators, providing face-to-face inspection or first deposit, cash on delivery, please contact us if interested