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What is the review for second-hand Doosan DH215-7?

Release Time: 2020-02-12


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What is the review for second-hand Doosan DH215-7?

Although the Doosan DH215-7 excavator has not been produced for a long time, many second-hand purchasers will still choose Doosan DH215-7. Why?

Doosan DH215-7 excavator
Looking at the overall parameters of Doosan DH215-7, we find that Doosan DH215-7 excavator is a 21-ton bucket with a capacity of 0.86 cubic meters, equipped with Doosan DB58T1 engine, and has a 350-liter fuel tank capacity. Learn about Doosan DH215-7 After looking at the basic parameters, take a closer look at how people who have purchased Doosan DH215-7.

People who have purchased Doosan excavators recognize that Doosan excavators have a strong sense of operation, and it is not difficult for novice excavator operators, and it is suitable for a wide range of people. Secondly, among the same 20-ton excavators, Doosan DH215-7's biggest advantage is that it is very stable in crushing. Doosan DH215-7 equipped with a breaker
Can play an advantage in the need of broken places. The last advantage is that even if you buy a second-hand Doosan DH215-7, you do n’t need to worry about its maintenance costs. Compared with other brands of excavators, Doosan ’s maintenance costs are significantly lower. Increased value.

China Machinery also provides second-hand excavators for Doosan DH215-7. We have shown the specific parameters and performance of Doosan DH215-7to friends who visit our website.

If you want to know more about Doosan DH215-7, you can also contact us individually.