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How much does a used Caterpillar excavator cost?

Release Time: 2020-08-19


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How much does a used Caterpillar excavator cost?
I believe that friends who buy used excavators must first care about the price and secondly the quality of the excavator. The price and quality of the used Caterpillar excavators sold by China Machinery can make you choose the right excavator model.

China Machinery specializes in the business of used excavators and other second-hand construction machinery, can guarantee you the quality of our second-hand construction machinery, and provide you with the most competitive price, because we have professional staff, you can find the best Cheap and best machinery.

Caterpillar models sold by China  Machinery include small, medium and heavy machinery. 

The prices of different models of used Caterpillar excavators are also slightly different, and the models are guaranteed to be 80% to 90% new.

For example, the selling price of a used Caterpillar 320C sold by China Machinery is 43343$-50567$, and the selling price of a used Caterpillar 320D hydraulic excavator is 33229$-36119$.

used Caterpillar 320C   used Caterpillar 320D hydraulic excavator
If you want to know more about the price information of used Caterpillar excavators, please contact us——China Machinery.