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How to choose a used excavator?

Release Time: 2021-05-13


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How to choose a used excavator?

Excavator,is an earth-moving machine that uses a bucket to excavate materials above or below the supporting surface and load it into a transport vehicle or unload it to a stockyard.

Choose a used excavator should pay attention to the following points:

Engine power of excavator

The total engine power of an excavator refers to the output power measured on the engine flywheel without power consumption accessories such as silencers, fans, alternators and air filters.

Effective power (net horsepower) refers to the output power measured on the engine flywheel with all power consumption accessories, such as muffler, fan, alternator and air cleaner.


Excavator noise measurement

The main source of excavator noise is the engine.

Two kinds of noise: noise measurement at the ear of the operator and noise measurement around the machine.

Lifting capacity of excavator

Lifting capacity refers to the smaller one of the rated stable lifting capacity or the rated hydraulic lifting capacity.

Rated stable lifting capacity: 75% of tipping load

Rated hydraulic lifting capacity: 87% of hydraulic lifting capacity

Swing speed

Rotation speed refers to the average maximum speed that the excavator can achieve in a stable rotation when there is no load.

CAT excavator

This means that the defined slewing speed does not refer to the slewing speed when starting or braking; that is to say, it is not the slewing speed for acceleration or deceleration. For general excavation work, when this kind of excavator works in the range of 0° to 180°, the slewing motor accelerates or decelerates, and when it turns to the range of 270° to 360°, the slewing speed is stable.

Therefore, in actual excavation work, the rotation speed defined above is impractical. In other words, the actual turning performance required is acceleration/deceleration that can be expressed by turning torque.

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