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Use of remote control excavator

Release Time: 2021-04-20


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Use of remote control excavator

What is a remote control excavator? Why do people like remote control excavators? What are the advantages of remote control excavators?

The so-called remote control excavator is an excavator operated by wired or wireless circuit devices, that is, an unmanned excavator.

The purpose of remote control excavators is mainly to remove toxic waste, mine toxic or radioactive minerals, carry explosive munitions, excavate ammunition buried in the soil, or work in areas that are dangerous to the driver.

Used 23-ton crawler Komatsu PC200-7 excavator

There are two types of remote control excavators: wired and wireless. The wireless remote control excavator is controlled by the control handle.

The advantage of the remote control excavator is that it uses radio control in dangerous areas or underwater operations. In some areas where people are dangerous, the remote control excavator is very useful. 

The remote control excavator can use the combination of the electronic computer control receiver and the laser guidance to realize the complete automation of the excavator operation.


Used Komatsu PC200-7 excavator is a remote control excavator with mature short-range and long-range remote control technology. After installing a remote control intelligent module, it is suitable for demolition in hazardous and explosive environments, road clearance, ruin cleaning and emergency rescue. Places with harsh conditions and a greater threat to personal safety.


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