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The most popular top five selling models of used excavators

Release Time: 2020-09-23


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The most popular top five selling models of used excavators
It is really difficult to choose a second-hand excavator from a major brand, fuel-efficient, durable, and in good condition. China Machinery is here to provide you with the most popular used excavators selling rankings.

Top1: Caterpillar 320D

New machine guide price: 176527.70$-188296.21$
Concentrated area of used car transaction price: 351487.25$-66197.89$

Caterpillar 320D excavators have electronic injection models and direct injection models. The D series engine configuration is relatively rich. 

"Suitable", "durable", "heavy and light jobs" are the most common comments from users. Features such as superior performance, outstanding efficiency, and low failure rate are indeed favored by users.

Top2: Komatsu PC60-7

New machine guide price: 61784.70$-70611.08$

Concentrated area of second-hand car transaction price: 14710.64$-22065.96$

PC60-7 is a 6-ton Komatsu excavator with fast speed and agile action. The fuel consumption is about 6-7 liters per hour. Komatsu accessories are the easiest to match and save trouble. 

In terms of maintenance and maintenance costs, Komatsu has a great advantage.

Top3: Komatsu PC360-7

New machine guide price: 250080.91$-267733.68$

Second-hand car transaction price concentrated area: 73553.21$-102974.49$

Komatsu PC360-7 is a 36-ton large excavator from Komatsu. According to the survey, its market quotation is roughly between 1.7-1.82 million, because it is a direct injection vehicle, the maintenance cost is relatively low, and there is no need to worry about fuel quality.

Top4: Caterpillar 320C

Guide price of new machine: 150048.55$-154461.74$

Concentrated area for second-hand car transaction price: 29421.28$-47074.05$
Carter launched the third-generation product-320C. This car has a higher market share in the current second mobile phone market. Many users even specifically look for this model for mine construction.

Top5: Komatsu PC200-7

New machine guide price: 144164.29$-154461.74$

Concentrated area for second-hand car transaction price: 29421.28$-44131.93$

For the classic PC200-7 on the market, it is recognized by customers and has a good reputation in the market. 

In addition, current EFI customers are not very welcome, and customers of Komatsu PC200-7 model even more! Even the price of the second phone of the PC200-7 in good condition exceeds that of the PC200-8!