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Have you chosen the right small excavator with superior performance?

Release Time: 2021-02-24


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Have you chosen the right small excavator with superior performance?
Buying a second-hand small excavator as an entry-level excavator, especially a small excavator of about 5-8 tons, has relatively stable performance and lower initial investment costs. These are all recognized advantages of buying a small excavator.

The only problem is which brand of small excavator is the most cost-effective? Today I will take you to take a look at the second-hand Doosan DX55-9C excavator, which is known as the most cost-effective excavator.
sell Used Doosan DX55-9C excavator

Basic Information of Doosan DX55-9C

The total weight of Doosan DX55-9C is 5,500kg, the bucket capacity: 0.18m3, and the maximum digging depth: 3,800mm. These basic performances are quite satisfactory among small-tonnage excavators. It can't be said to be particularly prominent, but it is definitely not let down.

However, the machine has made considerable design adjustments in many basic configurations to extend the service life of the machine to a greater extent, which is what we call super cost-effective. 

For example, the machine is equipped with a large bulldozing blade made of high-durability materials, and the chassis structure has been strengthened to improve the efficiency and stability of the operation. On the one hand, it also increases the service life of the machine to a certain extent.

Engine of Doosan DX55-9C

Doosan DX55-9C uses Yanmar 4TNV94L direct injection engine with engine power: 36.2kW/2,100rpm. In the small digs of the same tonnage level, the fuel consumption of the aircraft is more economical, and the low fuel consumption does not compromise the operating efficiency of the aircraft, on the contrary, the power output is very strong.

second-hand Doosan DX55-9C for sale
Hydraulic system of Doosan DX55-9C

The main pump of Doosan DX55-9C is a variable piston pump with a maximum flow rate of 2×57.8L/min. The overall performance of the hydraulic system is reasonably matched with the engine output power, which greatly reduces energy loss. The core configuration can perfectly control various working conditions such as municipal, garden, and highway.

Cab of Doosan DX55-9C

Small-tonnage excavators have relatively strong limitations in space and tonnage, so many brands are unable to chase after the comfort of the cab. They can only improve the driver's comfort experience and safety as much as possible.

In order to greatly improve the operator’s convenience and driving experience, Doosan DX55-9C is equipped with a new DX series cab with low noise, low vibration, high safety, and a greatly improved field of vision.


In terms of maintenance, a small excavator of several tons has natural advantages and is easy to operate. The entire maintenance process can be operated from the ground, and the investment cost of maintenance parts is not high.

In addition, the machine has made corresponding design adjustments in some details of use, such as a double-layer silencer, a newly designed battery box and a tool box protective cover, and the grease gun is fixed in the battery box for easy access.

Doosan DX55-9C excavators also have great sales in the second-hand excavator market with their excellent performance. China National Machinery is selling second-hand Doosan DX55-9C excavators. Click here to purchase more second-hand excavators.