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The Reason of Buying LG956L Loader

Release Time: 2020-01-14


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The Reason of Buying LG956L Loader

China machinery trading CO.,LTD provides second-hand wheel loaders LG956L to consumers at preferential prices. LG956L is a backhoe loader for digging and loading hard materials, with long wheelbase and large digging force. It is customized for mining and heavy-duty conditions, and is widely used in construction sites, aggregate plants, mines, and town buildings.

Used Loader LG956L

Used Loader LG956L

1. Provide energy-saving low-speed engines that meet the requirements of China II emission standards. The engine is perfectly matched with high-efficiency large-capacity torque converters and SDLG's first-generation energy-saving technology, which improves operating efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and achieves a comprehensive integration of more than 10%. Energy saving.

2. The cooling system is designed with a radiator with an enlarged area and optimized air inlet and outlet channels, which can effectively reduce the engine water temperature and hydraulic system oil temperature, and provide higher cooling efficiency for the whole machine.

3. Power-shift planetary gearbox with mature SDLG technology, two gears in the front row and one gear in the back row, long service life and easy operation; SDLG reinforced drive axle configuration, large bearing capacity and high reliability.

4. The whole machine adopts SDLG's unique NVH technology, an optimized three-stage shock absorption system, a new shock seat, and better shock absorption performance to make the driver's operation more comfortable.

5. Load-sensing full hydraulic steering system, light and fast steering, reliable energy-saving performance; using the pilot-operated hydraulic system, high efficiency, light and easy to operate; double sealing of hydraulic pipelines, high reliability.

6. Adopt new steel structure cab, with wide vision, large working space, full interior decoration of cab, good sealing performance, air-conditioning standard, comfortable driving environment.

7. The digital stepping instrument panel independently developed by SDLG ensures strong human-computer interaction; the centralized control of the electrical equipment of the whole machine ensures convenient inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment components and high reliability.

8. Finite element optimized front and rear frames have passed 200,000 fatigue enhancement tests, with high strength and long service life; long axle foundation and enlarged counterweight design ensure stable driving operation.

9. The standard rock bucket uses a high-strength anti-friction cutting board. The bottom and rear walls of the bucket are designed according to the bucket and digging conditions, and have welding and embedded cutting teeth. A small anti-friction plate is standard between the cutting teeth, which is more suitable for mining conditions.

10. Equipped with large-bore rotary bucket oil cylinder and lifting cylinder, the digging force can reach 18.3 tons, and the ground lifting force can reach 16.3 tons.

11. Use 20-layer tires for mines, which have greater load-carrying capacity and good abrasion resistance.

Used Loader LG956L

Used Loader LG956L

Buying this second-hand non-reporter loader LG956L will be one of your biggest helpers on the job site. Don't hesitate to buy it now, we will deliver it to you in 5-8 weeks and provide quality after-sales Service to solve all your problems.

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