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Use of compactor

Release Time: 2021-04-25


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Use of compactor

Compactor (road roller) is an engineering vehicle used for filling and compaction of large projects such as roads, railways, airport runways, dams, stadiums, etc. The front and rear wheels have huge rollers.

compactor use

The compactor can be pressed by the weight of the body itself (rolling by static pressure), or by vibration to generate additional down force. In the early stage of pavement construction, padfoot compactors will be used to compact the roadbed, because the small area of the bumps can achieve a larger compaction density. Large highways will use four-wheel compactors equipped with bump rollers and blades (such as Caterpillar 815/825 series models).

The road roller uses strong gravity, speed and thrust to break the mass of roadbed materials;

The road roller uses a small single-wheel bump compactor on a small range of roads. Then, use a single-wheel smooth compactor to eliminate road bumps, and use a grader to level the surface. At this stage, a pressure wheel compactor is sometimes used, which is characterized by two rows of pressure wheels that overlap each other. Because of the elasticity of the pressure wheel, its pushing and kneading force can fit the road more closely, and the wheel can move up and down, which can be effectively used on uneven roads.

Used Road roller

After the soil foundation has been leveled, the bump compactor will retreat. It is replaced by a single/double-wheel smooth compactor or air-wheel compactor with a grader, supplemented by a sprinkler to control the road humidity to achieve the best compaction; until the roadbed After compaction, the single-wheel smooth compactor will exit.

The final asphalt paving will use a road paver and a two-wheel smooth compactor, a three-point compactor or a pneumatic compactor. The three-point compactor used to be very often used on asphalt roads (it is still used now), but now more people choose two-wheel vibration compactors, whose air wheels can smooth the road to the best condition.

The compactor is also used for the compaction of waste in landfill sites. The tires of these compactors usually have nodular protrusions and are not used to make smooth roads. These nodules help compact the road surface due to their small contact area with the ground.

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