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What is the performance of the used Doosan DX55-9C excavator?

Release Time: 2020-11-05


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What is the performance of the used Doosan DX55-9C excavator?
Doosan excavators are familiar to everyone, and many diggers are using Doosan excavators. Today, the editor of the used excavator company of China Machinery is here to share with you how the Doosan DX55-9C excavator is.

Doosan DX55-9C is an upgraded product based on the DH55 GOLD, which has an excellent reputation among users. Although it is a 5-ton model, it is not far behind Doosan’s 6-ton small excavator in terms of working range and front-end working device parameters. 

The excellent performance in sex is enough to make users choose it without any consideration, and it has obvious advantages in the market of 5-ton small excavators.

Used Doosan DX55-9C excavator
So, what is the performance of the second-hand Doosan DX55-9C ?

1. Engine adopts: Yanmar 4TNV94, high efficiency and fuel saving

DX55-9C is equipped with Yanmar 4TNV94 mechanical diesel engine with high production efficiency and high fuel efficiency. 

Its net power is 36.2kW/2100 rpm, which has the advantages of low fuel consumption and strong durability. The Yanmar 4TNV94 engine uses a new type of fuel chamber, which can mix air and fuel more evenly than a general combustion chamber, thereby reducing emissions and meeting the national three-phase emission standards. 

In addition, this engine uses a larger nozzle installation angle than the previous generation, which greatly eliminates the unevenness of fuel injection, effectively improves fuel combustion efficiency and reduces noise and exhaust emissions.

It is understood that Doosan DX55-9C has only one action mode, with a net power of 36.2kW. In terms of fuel consumption, the DX55-9C uses a Yanmar mechanical engine. 

Compared with similar engines that meet the National III emission standards, the fuel consumption of the DX55-9C is superior. The hydraulic pump is also equipped with a large flow rate. 

It is better than in terms of working speed and fuel consumption. The previous product has improved significantly.

Of course, this excavator also adds an automatic idling function, which can effectively achieve the goal of fuel saving. A pressure switch is added to the signal oil circuit of its control valve. 

When a certain pressure is reached, the engine speed will automatically decrease from working speed to idling speed. When the operator operates again, the engine will immediately return to working speed.

2. Slewing motor: adopt the same model of 6-ton excavator

Doosan DX55-9C uses a mechanical direct injection engine, which greatly increases the service life of the engine. On the other hand, Doosan DX55-9C also has a big improvement in the swing motor and hydraulic system compared to the old product.

DX55-9C has upgraded the hydraulic system. It uses the same type of rotary motor. The working pressure (220 kgf/cm2) is higher than that of Doosan’s previous classic small excavators (DH55 GOLD working pressure is 200 kgf/cm2). 

Many, and then combined with the hydraulic system can make the rotation speed strong, making the work performance better and more comfortable to use.

3. Hydraulic system: re-optimized, high efficiency

Doosan DX55-9C uses its more classic hydraulic pump, with a brand-new control valve, and its hydraulic system effectively reduces the instability of the hydraulic pressure during work, reducing heat generation and power loss. It is understood that the maximum hydraulic flow of DX55-9C is 5% higher than that of the old product.

4.the design concept is very user-friendly and has a super high cost performance

The humanization of this model is mainly manifested in the following points:

  •  Durability is improved. Doosan DX55-9C reduces a lot of welding parts and also reduces stress concentration.
  •  Doosan DX55-9C increases the space of the cab, and rationally layouts the interior, which makes the operator's control experience more comfortable and user-friendly.
  • Fuel consumption is more economical. Doosan DX55-9C upgraded the engine to increase the flow rate of the hydraulic system, which greatly improved the fuel consumption of the equipment, which was greatly improved compared to the previous generation products. Compared with the previous generation product, it has increased by 22%.
  • The editor believes that Doosan DX55-9C is a product with excellent controllability. In terms of speed, DX55-9C is also outstanding among many 5-ton products, and it is one of the fastest operating products.
  • The overall failure rate of Doosan DX55-9C is 50% lower than that of its predecessor (official data), but its price is basically the same as DH55 GOLD, which is truly a "conscience quality" product in the industry.

5. Summary of China Machinery Editor:

Different from medium and large excavators, small excavators, that is to say, excavators under 6 tons do not have high requirements for electronic control design, and the operation mode is relatively simplified. Everyone pays special attention to its earthwork workload and fuel consumption per hour. the amount.

Compared with the previous models of the same model, Doosan DX55-9C excavator has several major upgrades, making its performance a qualitative leap.

Mainly manifested in the following three major aspects:

  • Engine selection changes;
  • The main control valve has been re-optimized;
  • The front-end working device has been improved and upgraded.
Through these, we can see that the improvement of DX55-9C is manifested in the improvement of work efficiency, the obvious reduction of fuel consumption, and the significant improvement of comprehensive performance.

Therefore, the editor of China Machinery believes that the characteristics of Doosan DX55-9C are obvious. It can be said that Doosan DX55-9C is an excavator that meets the actual needs of users.