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How about the world's limited number of 6,000 Caterpillar 330C excavators?

Release Time: 2020-11-13


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How about the world's limited number of 6,000 Caterpillar 330C excavators?
Although the output of Caterpillar 330C is not high enough and people don't know enough about this model, in fact, this model is the first excavator to use Catert ACERT engine. It is more advanced in power than the more classic models of the same generation.
Caterpillar 330C was launched in 2001, with a total output of more than 6,800 units. Even a second-hand Caterpillar 330C excavator has great advantages in performance.

Used Caterpillar 330C excavator

Various parameters of the second-hand Caterpillar 330C excavator sold by China National Machinery:

Used Caterpillar 330C Excavator Specifications

Machine weight (kg): 35108

Bucket capacity (m³): 1.7
Country of origin: United States
Tonnage (tons): 30
Power: traditional power
Bucket: Backhoe
Manufacturer: Import

Performance of used Caterpillar 330C

Walking speed (km/h): 5.0 (maximum)

Caterpillar 330C engine

Engine: Caterpillar C9
Rated power (kw/rpm): 182
Displacement (L): 8.8
Number of cylinders (quantity): 6

Used Caterpillar 330C hydraulic system

Main pressure relief setting pressure (Mpa): 34.3
Maximum flow of main pump (l/min): 560
Fuel tank (L): 617
Hydraulic system (L): 174

Body dimensions of used Caterpillar 330C

Total transport length (mm): 11201
Total transportation width (mm): 3429
Total transportation height (mm): 3734
Crawler ground length (mm): 4039
Track shoe width (mm): 864
Track width (mm): 3429
Track gauge (mm): 2591
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 488
Back turning radius (mm): 3505

Working range of used Caterpillar 330C

Maximum digging radius of the stop surface (mm): 11631
Maximum digging height (mm): 8117
Maximum unloading height (mm): 7644
Vertical digging depth (mm): 7340

According to different application requirements, Caterpillar 330C excavator can be equipped with a variety of booms and sticks to achieve the best work efficiency.

This Caterpillar 330C excavator is equipped with an air pre-filter, which is convenient for application in harsh air environments. At the same time, the top of the cab also adds an air filter for the cab air conditioner.
China Machinery  is a Chinese supplier of used Caterpillar 330C excavators. Caterpillar 330C excavator is suitable for various types of construction site operations.