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Used Komatsu Excavator

Used Komatsu Excavator

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Used Komatsu PC35MR excavator

Machine weight (kg): 3915Bucket capacity (m³): 0.11Country of origin: JapanTonnage (tonnes): 3Bucket: Backhoe
Used Komatsu PC35MR excavator Used Komatsu PC35MR excavator Used Komatsu PC35MR excavator Used Komatsu PC35MR excavator
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Used Komatsu PC35MR excavator specifications

Machine weight (kg): 3915
Bucket capacity (m³): 0.11
Country of origin: Japan
Tonnage (tonnes): 3
Bucket: Backhoe
Manufacturer: Import
Power: traditional power
Bucket: Backhoe

Used Komatsu PC35MR performance

Ground specific pressure (Kpa): 36.3
Rotation speed (rpm): 9
Walking speed (km / h): 2.8 / 4.6
Climbing ability (%): 58/30 °
Bucket digging force (kN): 29.9

Used Komatsu PC35MR engine

Engine: Komatsu 3D88E-5
Rated power (kw / rpm): 21.7 / 2400
Displacement (L): 1.642
Cooling method: water cooling
Working form: 4-stroke, water-cooled inline, direct injection engine,
Stroke: 102.4mm
Bore: 87mm

Used Komatsu PC35MR hydraulic system

Traveling hydraulic motor type: variable plunger type × 2
Rotary hydraulic motor type: fixed plunger type × 1
Whether the hydraulic crushing pipeline is standard: No

Oil capacity
Fuel tank (L): 4450
Hydraulic oil tank (L): 45
Engine oil replacement (L): 7.7
Coolant (L): 3.3

Used Komatsu PC35MR body size

Total transport length (mm): 594850
Total transport width (mm): 1740
Total transport height (mm): 2530
Overall cab height (mm): 2530
Track ground length (mm): 1650
Total track length (mm): 2105
Track shoe width (mm): 300
Track width (mm): 1740
Track gauge (mm): 1440
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 290
Minimum turning radius of front working device (mm): 2080
Rear turning radius (mm): 950

Used Komatsu PC35MR operating range

Maximum digging radius (mm): 5360
Max digging radius of stopping surface (mm): 5225
Maximum digging depth (mm): 3170
Maximum digging height (mm): 3530
Maximum unloading height (mm): 3530
Vertical excavation depth (mm): 2720
Dozer blade lifting or deepening (mm): 360/390