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Used Caterpillar Excavator

Used Caterpillar Excavator

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Used Caterpillar 330BL Excavator

Machine weight (kg): 33701.9Bucket capacity (m³): 1.5Boom length (mm): 6500Stick length (mm): 3900Tonnage (tonnes): 30
Used Caterpillar 330BL Excavator Used Caterpillar 330BL Excavator Used Caterpillar 330BL Excavator Used Caterpillar 330BL Excavator
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Used Caterpillar 330BL Excavator  specifications

Machine weight (kg): 33701.9
Bucket capacity (m³): 1.5
Boom length (mm): 6500
Stick length (mm): 3900
Tonnage (tonnes): 30
Power: traditional power
Bucket: Backhoe
Manufacturer: Import

Used Caterpillar 330BL Excavator Performance

Traveling speed (km / h) 4.6

Caterpillar 330BL Excavator Engine
Engine: Caterpillar 3306TA
Rated power (kw / rpm): 165.5 / 1800
Displacement (L): 10.5
Number of cylinders (number): 6
Cooling method: water cooling

Used Caterpillar 330BL hydraulic system

Main relief setting pressure (Mpa): 34.3
Maximum flow of main pump (l / min): 480
Fuel tank (L): 560
Hydraulic system (L): 400
Engine oil replacement (L): 30
Coolant (L): 45

Used Caterpillar 330BL body size

Total transport length (mm) 11080
Total transport width (mm) 3340
Total transport height (mm) 3610
Cab height (mm) 3150
Ground clearance (mm) 1260
Track ground length (mm) 4040
Track shoe width (mm) 750
Total track width (mm) 3340
Track gauge (mm) 2590
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 510
Rear turning radius (mm) 3500

Used Caterpillar 330BL operating range

Maximum digging radius of stopping surface (mm) 11620
Maximum digging depth (mm) 8080
Maximum digging height (mm) 10770 (cutting)
Maximum unloading height (mm) 7600
Vertical excavation depth (mm) 7230