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Buy a used excavator and do n’t be confused by the accident excavator

Release Time: 2020-04-07


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Buy a used excavator and do n’t be confused by the accident excavator
When buying a used excavator, I am most afraid of encountering an accident excavator. The body structure of the vehicle has undergone serious deformation after major accidents. Even after repairs, there may still be many hidden injuries. The probability of failure in the future work is very high.

If a major accident occurs in the excavator, the general appearance, lacquer, glass, interior, and important structural parts will leave traces of deformation. Therefore, the identification of the accident excavator also mainly starts from these parts. Focus on these parts.

1. Check the cab

In the case of stone smashing and rolling accidents, the cab is the first one. If the paint on the top and sides of the driver falls off seriously, or if the paint is repainted, there is a suspicion of the accident. The original manufacturer's cab has more stamping parts, and the structure is more complicated. It is difficult to repair the sheet metal in the later stage. The repaired cab can see the clues by looking at the top.

If the damage to the cab is serious, the four-sided glass and the driving interior must also be replaced. When the production date of the four-sided glass on the cab and the vehicle are inconsistent or the difference between the new and old interiors is particularly obvious, you need to pay attention to judgment.

If the driver's cab of the accident vehicle does not already have the conditions for repair, and the driving of the entire vehicle is relatively high, the refurbishment staff will generally replace the driver's cab with a replacement. But no matter what the new and old cab is replaced, it is easy to see the clue.

(1) The paint color is not the same as the excavator body. The paint color of the excavator body will definitely change during the use of the excavator. If you change to a new cab, the paint color will be different.

(2) The date of the cab glass is the same but it does not match the factory date of the vehicle: the new cab glass generally uses the same batch, so the production date will also be the same, but there will be a big difference from the real factory date of the machine , It is easy to judge by keeping an eye on it.

2. Check the arm and frame

When an excavator rolls over or rolls over, the external frame, arms, and other parts are easily damaged and deformed by external forces. After adjusting the excavator, stand at the main control valve to see if the large and small arms are tilted.

Severe rollover, deformation and misalignment of the frame and hydraulic system engine, etc. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the exterior parts such as the X frame, the large and small arms, the cab, and the side doors have paint marks and whether the connection of each part is too large Uneven.

3. Check anti-collision beam and side beam
The anti-collision beam and side beam are the outermost protection devices of the excavator. In the event of an accident, the anti-collision beam and side beam are the most vulnerable parts. If the anti-collision beams and side beams are "broken", this excavator must be an accident.

A distant view: When checking a second-hand excavator, first observe whether the anti-collision beam and side beam are smooth at 10 meters away, and observe whether the reflectance of the paint surface has changed. If it is bumped against the repaired side beam, smoothness and reflection Traces can be exposed.

Second, a closer look: For popular models of excavators, there are brand new side beams and anti-collision beams on the market, which require close observation. First look at some gaps between the side beams and the upper excavator body cover. The gaps of the excavators that have not experienced the accident must be uniform, and there will be no obvious width changes. Secondly, look at the inner side of the side beams for welds. The repaired side beams are usually only surface-treated on the outside. The cost and difficulty of the inside treatment are too high. The average maintenance staff will not do this, which is also left to us Check a path.

4. Check the X frame

If an excavator has a serious rollover accident, the X frame of this vehicle is likely to have been deformed. The cost of repairing and replacing the X frame is very high, and the traces after timely repair are also obvious.

If the degree of deformation of the X frame does not affect the use, the renovator will generally use "muddy mud" or spray paint to cover up. This needs to clean up the mud and check it quickly.

If the equipment is severely deformed but has a certain repair value, the renovator will usually correct it. The appearance marks of the X frame after correction will be more obvious, and wavy correction marks are also likely to appear on the edges of some deformed parts of the X frame.

5. Check the door

The cabin door of the excavator is a wearing part, and it will bump when accidentally carried out during daily construction. It is normal to repair or replace a sheet metal for aesthetic reasons, so this cannot be used as a basis for directly judging whether an excavator is an accident excavator. , But can be used as indirect "evidence".

When you suspect that this is an accident excavator in other ways, you can use the position of the door to assist in the judgment. For example, if you find that all the glass on one side of the cab has been replaced and the side beams have been repaired, and you have verified that the door on the same side has been repaired, you can basically determine that an accident has occurred.

used excavator inspection

5 ways to teach you how to identify accidental excavators. When you buy a used excavator yourself, you must choose a trusted excavator manufacturer and a well-known used excavator manufacturer. If you are still hesitating, China National Machinery will actively provide services for you. We have decades of experience in identifying and testing used excavators. The feedback from used excavator equipment sold is praise. Contact us!

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