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What are the advantages and disadvantages of crawler excavators and wheeled excavators?

Release Time: 2020-11-24


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of crawler excavators and wheeled excavators?
Today, China Machinery Used Excavator Company will give you an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of crawler excavators and wheel excavators.

Let me talk about their advantages and disadvantages in terms of working environment:

1. Wheeled excavators are easy to move. They are mainly used for small projects in the city and are used for municipal administration. Do not work in very soft places. 

The wheel type generally works on cement ground and lawn, and generally does not damage the road surface. Track is a tool of the project, which can crush the road surface. 

The main purpose of wheeled excavators is not that of crawler type. The use of wheeled excavators is affected by the environment and has certain limitations; crawler excavators can be adapted to any project and environment.

2. Crawler-type excavators can't run on highways, but they can work in muddy places, they won't get stuck, the machinery is larger, and the efficiency is higher than wheeled ones.

Wheeled excavators and crawler hydraulic excavators are different and related. The relationship is:
  • Crawler hydraulic excavators include backhoe crawler hydraulic excavators and front shovel crawler hydraulic excavators;
  • Backhoe excavator includes backhoe crawler hydraulic excavator and backhoe wheel type.
In engineering construction, there is no need to use the wheels of the wheel excavator, there is a special transport vehicle, and if it is walking on the construction site.

Advantages and disadvantages of crawler excavators:

Used Doosan crawler excavator
The advantages of crawler excavators are mainly concentrated in the chassis:

Advantages: Because of the large grounding area, it is better to be in muddy, wetland and other places where it is easy to sink. Because the excavator itself has a large weight, this allows the excavator to go more widely. In addition, because the crawler is a metal product, It is also competent in mines or places with poor working conditions, and has strong off-road ability.

Disadvantages: Relatively speaking, the investment is larger than the wheeled type. In addition, the mobility is not good. The maximum design speed is only 5-7KM/H. Long-distance movement depends on the pallet truck.

The advantages and disadvantages of wheeled excavators:

Used Caterpillar Wheel Excavator
Advantages: small investment, fast action speed, general speed can reach 40-50KM/H.

Disadvantages: The scope of application is narrow, mostly road administration or urban engineering, cannot enter mines or muddy areas, and has poor climbing ability. Therefore, most of the excavator customers now choose crawler excavators.

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