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When buying a used excavator, does size matter?

Release Time: 2020-03-02


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When buying a used excavator, does size matter?
When trading used excavator equipment, in addition to considering the performance of the excavator, the size of the excavator also has a significant impact on purchase. Aspects to explore the impact of the size of the excavator.

First, the overall size of the excavator needs to be considered:

Digging depth: Consider the maximum digging depth required for your project to lay pipes, plant trees or dig trenches. Make sure your excavator can reach this digging depth and whether it can be upgraded with a longer boom to reach the required depth.
Reach range: The boom range of the excavator determines how far the excavator can dig while remaining stationary. Longer antennae may delay the mining cycle, but may be ideal for projects with accessibility challenges. If needed in the future, you can also upgrade some excavators with longer booms to expand their range.
Lift height: If your project requires material to be loaded onto a structure or large truck, choose an excavator with sufficient lift height.
Load capacity: The load capacity of an excavator ranges from a fraction of a cubic yard of small excavator to a few cubic yards of material for a large excavator. The load capacity of the excavator determines how much material can be moved in a cycle, which will affect your speed. Find an excavator with a large enough bucket capacity to meet your mining needs.
Loading weight: In addition to the volume of the material, consider the weight that the excavator needs to lift. If you excavate heavy or dense materials frequently, make sure that the excavator can withstand the load weight required to meet the needs of the project.

The right size excavator will meet all your project requirements while maneuvering safely at your job site. If the excavator does not meet your job needs, consider upgrading it with a new boom or bucket to expand its capabilities.

The second considers shipping and storage dimensions

Another important consideration when choosing between different size excavators is the transportation and storage requirements for each size.
Transportation of large and standard excavators is expensive because it requires special permits and equipment. If you plan to transport the excavator yourself, make sure you have the vehicle and trailer to do the job, and that the driver has the permits needed to move heavy equipment. You can also choose to work with equipment transportation companies to reduce the transportation costs of carrying large excavators. Standard size trailers can move small excavators, but depending on your state, you may still need special permits or permits.

If you plan to buy an excavator for long-term use, make sure you have the proper storage facilities for the size of the excavator of your choice. Renting an excavator instead of buying it may help you save storage and shipping costs.

In short, if you intend to purchase used excavators for a long time, China Machinery offers you preferential prices for used excavators and avoids your concerns about shipping. We have exported Used Excavators to many countries and have experience in transporting various types of excavators. Need to place an order and wait for 1-2 weeks, we will send the excavator to your side.

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