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Shopping reference, 7 ton small excavator

Release Time: 2020-02-20


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Shopping reference, 7 ton small excavator
I previously shared an article reviewing three 7-ton mini excavators. China Machinery found that users are still having trouble purchasing small excavators. Today we collected the users who bought them and they provided a lot of positive reviews. After reading this, do you decide which small excavator you want to buy?

User 1: Doosan DX75-9C

Advantages: The cab of Doosan DX75-9C is particularly large, and the rear seats are not crowded; the suspension seat is good, even if the driver is working for a day, the waist is not sour; the radio signal is particularly good, and it is stronger than other brands of excavator radio signals There are signals in the mountains.

Disadvantages: The cab on the left cannot be seen in the cab; the design of the grease nipple is unreasonable, and the grease must be changed in several positions to reach; the control handle is too thick and uncomfortable to hold; and the bucket shaft is 4.5cm in diameter , Other brands are 5cm.

User 2: Hyundai R75BVS

The car is fast, feels full of energy, and does not match walking and movement. When running the track, it is impossible to raise the arm and perform other actions. It is also weak when rotating and digging. This is not easy to use; the high-end atmospheric hour meter of the cab is still mechanical. The seats have not changed, the instruments have changed color, and the basic mode is still the -7 mode, which is not as high-end as the -9 configuration; the appearance of the whole machine feels that the stone -7 and -9 are synthesized, remembering the modern 80-9 The back of the cab is still bulging. The vs cab is the same as the -7.

User 3: Kobelco SK75-8

Advantages: 1. Isuzu engine, fuel saving, average fuel consumption of S mode is not more than 5 liters, the engine is not high temperature, and the water temperature is only half of the table and 2 millimeters lower. 2. The bucket is large and wide. The 0.4-square bucket has a width of 1 meter on the side, regardless of loading, leveling, and killing all 75 machines. 3. The filter element layout is very reasonable and the maintenance is very convenient. 4. The cab is large and spacious. The apprentice is very relaxed in the back. The air conditioner works well. I installed a sunshade cloth. Now the temperature is 35 degrees, the air conditioner is very cool with only three winds.

Disadvantages: 1. Because the bucket is too big, the lifting of the boom is slow, the old car is too hot, and sometimes the boom cannot be lifted, and it must be coordinated with other actions to lift it. 2. Weak walking, no rail guard. No toolbox. 3. Throttle motor loves bad, other owners also react badly. Kobelco is still good. If it is 100 points, it will be 90 points.

Due to factors such as working conditions, conditions of use, and later maintenance, the use of the same model is also different. If you want to buy these three models, you can provide some references, but you have to consult and compare with the buyer in detail. I hope everyone can buy a good small excavator.