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Are you equipped with basic accessories for excavator operation?

Release Time: 2020-03-06


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Are you equipped with basic accessories for excavator operation?
The excavator itself is a multifunctional device, but its various accessory tools can further expand the capabilities of the excavator. If you are looking for an excavator that can do all the tasks,
Need to buy an excavator that can support a variety of work tools. China Machinery has listed 6 popular excavator attachment tools that can improve the productivity of excavators.

Buckets are the most standard excavator attachment, but not all buckets are the same. You can choose a slender bucket with teeth for digging and trenching, or a wide and smooth bucket to lift and lift material.
Adding a thumb attachment to an excavator can increase its bucket capacity and expand its material handling capabilities. The thumb helps hold the material you want to dig and allows the excavator to grab larger parts.
The auger attachment has a hydraulic auger blade that allows you to dig holes quickly and efficiently. In landscaping and construction, auger attachments can dig consistent holes in fences, leaves, or building supports.
When breaking a sidewalk or other hard surface, the excavator hammer attachment speeds up the disassembly process.
Rippers are another great accessory for tearing hard materials. These durable tools can damage frozen ground or damage buildings.
When using a variety of accessories, the coupler allows you to quickly switch between work tools without the need for staff. Couplings can help maximize the versatility of the excavator and increase team productivity.

The above 6 excavator accessories can be added to your excavator, you can complete multiple tasks on the same excavator machine. China Machinery provides you with accessories of various brands of excavators and used excavators. Have
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