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Used Komatsu PC200-7 must to buy

Release Time: 2020-02-14


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Used Komatsu PC200-7 must to buy
The Komatsu PC200 series is one of Komatsu's classic models, and the Komatsu "-7" series has become a classic magic machine in the minds of many people. China Machinery Today brings you is Komatsu's 7 series-Komatsu PC200-7. After many years, it is still active in the second mobile phone market.
Komatsu PC200-7 sold by China Machinery is imported from Japan and started production around 2002.

Komatsu PC200-7 inherits Komatsu's excellent performance and is different from the familiar -8 series. Compare Komatsu PC200-7 and Komatsu PC200-8 from three aspects.

From the appearance of Komatsu PC200-7 and Komatsu PC200-8, there is not much difference. Both use the classic color of Komatsu yellow and black. In terms of power, the 7 series uses a direct injection Komatsu SAA6D102E-2 engine with a power of 145PS, while the next generation -8 uses an electronic injection engine.

Komatsu PC200-7 excavator is a classic model of 20 tons, the working weight of the whole machine is 19.7 tons, the appearance size is long X wide X high 9425X2800X3000mm, arm excavation force 108KN, bucket excavation force 149KN, track length is 4080mm. The next-generation Komatsu PC200-8 has a working weight of 19.9 tons.

Customers who have driven the Komatsu PC200-7 reported that the first experience of the Komatsu PC200-7 is larger than the same model of Hitachi Hyundai, and the 0.93 square bucket is also larger. The design is exactly the same as that of the Hitachi excavator. The turning of the big arm revealed a vigorous energy.

The comfort of Komatsu PC200-7 car seats is average, the sitting position is a bit high, the handle is long and heavy, and it is a bit tired for a long time driving. It is relatively not as comfortable as Hitachi, and it adapts after driving for a while. The external circulation filter element of the air conditioner is external, and the air inlet is beautiful and easy to remove.

Komatsu PC200-7 also has good strength, digging stones in the mountains, except for the Carter excavator can compete with him, other cars are second to none! Under normal circumstances, installing 15 square meters of rear eight wheels can install 20-30 more vehicles per day than other excavators. It is said that Komatsu consumes a lot of fuel, but in fact, its output is also high.

Having said so much, Komatsu PC200-7 also has small problems in the use process. There are several common problems with -7. The first is the cracking of the boom. The first is the place where the top turns, which is the two circle welding on the top of the boom cylinder. Mouth cracks easily. There is also the forearm oil cylinder, which is the two high-pressure oil pipes on the top of the boom, and the two on the rotary motor, which are easy to explode, and the walking strength is significantly reduced. Pay attention to these small problems of Komatsu PC200-7, buying second-hand Komatsu PC200-7 will be a big help.