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How to choose a good small excavator?

Release Time: 2020-01-03


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How to choose a good small excavator?
Small excavators are more suitable for small-scale construction projects and small-scale construction sites in terms of construction operations and field operation sites.
The excavator's own footprint and use cost can facilitate short-term engineering.

Choosing a brand new or second-hand excavator depends on your current budget and the frequency with which you use the excavator. If you are only for a temporary project,
That can rent a small excavator. The rent of a small excavator is about 300 US dollars, including the fuel cost.
And insurance.

But suppose you are a professional excavator operator or company decision maker, you need to consider buying a mini excavator to suit the company's different scale project process.

Mini excavators come in a variety of brands and sizes, with body weights ranging from ultra-compact to almost mid-weight.

small excavators

When buying a used excavator, you must check the real-time on-site operation of the machine. If you can go to the site in person to operate it, feel the use of driving a mini excavator.

If you have checked sufficient data to guide the parameters and performance of the machine before purchasing a used excavator, you can directly check the service life and performance of each part of the excavator. If you want to refer to more models for comparison , You can view the machine operation instructions in detail and consult the manufacturer any place you have questions.

When operating an excavator, pay special attention to safety issues. Before you order your favorite second-hand excavator, be sure to ensure that the warranty time of the machine and the manufacturer are true to ensure that the machine is really the one you are satisfied with.

Once you decide to buy our used excavator, we are in charge of transportation services. We have reached a strategic cooperation in export transportation. You do not need to worry about not receiving the machine after purchase. We will arrange delivery within 3 working days after purchase to ensure Receive it early.

When our second-hand excavator arrives in your hands, you should first try whether our machine is running normally. Before operating the excavator, make sure that the parts have been installed without looseness. Check the condition of the fuel tank, cables and tracks. So these times emphasize these standard operating procedures.

After making sure that the machine is normal, try to sit in the driver's cab to familiarize yourself with the dashboard and operation controls of the excavator, adjust your position, and familiarize yourself with the environment of the cab for use.