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Sales and export of second-hand Doosan excavators

Release Time: 2020-05-26


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Sales and export of second-hand Doosan excavators

China Machinery provides used Doosan excavators to all customers worldwide. We are a Chinese second-hand excavator supplier, we have a rich model inventory in Shanghai, China,

Our current best-selling Doosan used excavator inventory list:

used doosan DX55-9C excavator for sale
used doosan DX75-9C excavator for sale
used doosan DX65-9C excavator for sale
used doosan DX60E-9C excavator for sale
used doosan 215-7 excavator
doosan 175 excavator for sale
doosan 420 excavator for sale
used doosan 140 excavator
used doosan 225 excavator
doosan 350 excavator for sale

Listed some of the second-hand Doosan excavators we need, if you can not find the model you need, contact us, we have a wealth of excavator resources, you can select the Doosan excavator model you need within 3 days.
Just call us or browse our website to find a suitable second-hand Doosan excavator.
doosan used excavator

Ensure the quality of every Doosan used excavator

We have inspected all Doosan excavators to ensure that they meet the strict standards we require for all second-hand inventory. We also strive to price each excavator to ensure that you are worth the money.
The competitive price of all our excavators not only reflects the value of the product, but also reflects the prudent measures taken to ensure its applicability. If you are looking for a second-hand Doosan excavator, you are in the right place and we know how important it is for you to be able to start work immediately.

Quality care and service

Those who are looking to sell second-hand Doosan excavators will be assured of providing them with quality machinery. During the purchase process, all your needs are taken care of, so you can focus on your work. Our shipping methods are as follows:

Packaging Details

Port: shagnhai
lead time: 15 Days
1.Container: which is cheapest and fast.
2.Bulk cargo ship: which is better for bigger construction equipment
3.Frame ship: which is better for bigger machine and also no need to dismantle
4.RO RO ship: which is good for every machine and faster.