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26 Caterpillar 320D hydraulic excavator features

Release Time: 2020-05-08


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26 Caterpillar 320D hydraulic excavator features

Caterpillar 320D hydraulic excavator, referred to as Cat 320, is the largest-selling Cat hydraulic excavator with 1.0 cubic meter HD bucket. Users all say that "the leather is durable" and "the thick and thin work can be done".
The characteristics of 26 Caterpillar 320D excavators are as follows:


Cat C6.6
The Cat C6.6 ACERT ™ engine on the 320D is powerful, durable, and can meet all your application needs. For customers who want to save fuel, the fuel-saving mode function can save up to 15% of fuel consumption. The ACERT engine incorporates tried-and-tested, durable components, and you can rest assured of the reliability and efficiency of its all-day operation.

Automatic engine speed control

The engine speed automatic control function is activated under no-load or light-load conditions, which can reduce the engine speed and minimize fuel consumption.

air filter

The radial seal air filter is located in a cabin behind the cab and uses a double-layer filter element for higher filtration efficiency. When the dust accumulation exceeds the preset level, a warning message will be displayed on the monitor.

Filtration system

C6.6 The engine's filtration system has been improved to ensure the reliability of the fuel injection system.

Low noise, low vibration

Cat C6.6 reduces noise and vibration and improves operator comfort.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system pressure is 35000 kPa, and the flow rate of both hydraulic pumps is 205 L / min. This pressure can improve excavation performance and efficiency.

Pilot system

The pilot pump is independent of each main pump and can control the front link, swing and travel operations.

Part layout

The 320D hydraulic system and components are reasonably designed to provide a high level of system efficiency. The main pump, control valve and hydraulic tank are close to each other, making the connecting lines between the components shorter, thereby reducing friction losses and pressure drops.

Hydraulic interactive induction system

Under any working conditions, the hydraulic cross-sensing system can use one of the two hydraulic pumps to provide sufficient power to the engine. As the speed of the implement increases, the pivot rotates faster and more forcefully, and productivity is improved.

Auxiliary hydraulic valve

The control loop is provided as an accessory, enhancing versatility. It can be used to operate medium- and high-pressure machines such as hydraulic shears, grabs, hydraulic hammers, pulverizers, multi-purpose processors and vibratory plate compactors.

Boom and stick regeneration circuit

Boom and stick regeneration circuits can save energy during boom lowering and stick retracting operations. This will increase efficiency, shorten cycle time and reduce pressure loss to achieve higher productivity, lower operating costs and better fuel efficiency.

Hydraulic cylinder buffer

The buffer is located at the rod end of the boom cylinder and the two ends of the stick cylinder, which can absorb shock, reduce noise and extend the service life of components.

Hydraulic start lever

In order to enhance safety, this joystick must be placed in the operating position in order to activate all hydraulic control functions of the machine.

temperature control

A pressurized cab with forced filter ventilation is standard. Use the switch on the left console to select fresh air or circulating air.


The operator station is ergonomically designed, spacious, quiet and comfortable, which ensures that the operator maintains high productivity throughout the long day of work. All switches are located on the right console for easy use of the monitor
The monitor is a 400 × 234 pixel full-color liquid crystal (LCD) graphic display. The angle of the monitor can be adjusted to minimize sunlight glare and can display information in 27 languages.
Joystick control device
The pilot-operated joystick control device is well-designed to enable the operator to maintain a natural wrist and arm posture to maximize operator comfort and reduce fatigue.


The standard suspension seat can be adjusted in front, rear, height and weight to suit the body shape and weight of the operator. In addition, it is equipped with adjustable wide armrests and retractable seat belts.
 CAT 320D seat


The console adopts a simple functional design to reduce the operator's fatigue, make the switch operation easier and the vision wider. Both consoles are equipped with adjustable armrests.

Outside the cab

Very thick steel pipes are used around the bottom edge of the cab to improve fatigue and vibration resistance.

Cab mount

The cab shell is mounted on the frame with a viscous rubber cab mount, which reduces vibration and noise levels, while also improving operator comfort.

Car window

In order to maximize the field of view, all the glass is directly glued to the cab, and there is no window frame. With the one-touch release system, the upper half of the front windshield can be opened, closed, and retracted onto the canopy above the operator.


The wiper installed on the column has two modes of continuous and intermittent, which can expand the operator's field of vision.
Boom, stick and accessories
Cat front linkages are designed to achieve maximum flexibility, productivity, and efficiency in a variety of applications.
Heavy load extension boom
The heavy-duty extension boom uses the best design and can be equipped with two sticks to maximize the digging range. It also incorporates a large cross-section and internal partitions for long life and durability. The R2.5B1 and R2.9B1 sticks are also heavy-duty, made of high-tensile-strength steel, with a large box-shaped cross-section design, with partitions and additional bottom shields inside.
Extra long front extension
This extra-long front-end extension option has an extension distance of up to 15.2 m and is designed for light-duty applications that require extra-large work space.

Carbody design and track roller frame

X-shaped box section car body has excellent resistance to torsion. The crawler roller frame welded by the manipulator is a pentagonal component that is formed by pressing, with high strength and long service life.
Main Frame
The main frame is exceptionally rugged and uses materials effectively.
The rugged Cat undercarriage absorbs stress and provides excellent stability.
Rollers and idlers
The track rollers, carrier rollers and idlers are all sealed and lubricated, so they have a long service life and can extend the working time of the machine on the job site.
Standard Undercarriage
The standard undercarriage is ideal for applications that require frequent machine position changes, restricted working space, uneven or rocky floors.
Extended undercarriage

The extended chassis system has the best stability and lifting capabilities. This long, wide, sturdy and durable chassis system provides a very stable working platform.

Caterpillar 320D hydraulic excavator is a classic excavator. China Machinery provides the best-selling used 320D in 2008 and 10 years on the market. Interested message consultation.