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Komatsu Komatsu PC30E-5-excellent indoor environmental protection excavator

Release Time: 2020-04-26


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Komatsu Komatsu PC30E-5-excellent indoor environmental protection excavator
In the previous article, we understand that Hitachi publicly announced the development of a new type of electric mini excavator in 2020. As early as April 2019 at the bauma exhibition in Germany, Komatsu showed an electric excavator, and many customers conducted Test drive. KHL reported on March 19 that the model of the excavator is PC30E-5, which has already achieved sales in the Japanese rental market and aimed at the rental field. Later, sales in other regions will not be excluded.

It is understood that PC30E-5 is based on Komatsu's experience in developing hybrid construction equipment and electric forklifts, and its performance is equivalent to diesel power. The bucket capacity of this 4.7-ton machine is 0.09m3, 4.95m in length, 1.74m in width and 2.58m in height.

The excavator is equipped with a 36kWh battery, and a new high-performance charger and high-voltage transformer developed by Komatsu.

After each full charge, the battery can run for 2 to 6 hours (Note: working hours vary depending on the working place and machine operating conditions). In the standard charging mode, PC30E-5 can be charged at night or when the machine is not in use, which takes a long time. In fast charging mode, it can be 80% full in a short time. In addition, the design of this battery is convenient for user maintenance, without adding electrolyte, the daily inspection area is separated from the high-pressure area of the excavator, and it is very safe.

In addition, because there is no engine, the number of routine inspections is reduced. In addition to not generating exhaust gas, this electric excavator is relatively quieter. The vibration caused by the conventional diesel engine is reduced, and the operator's comfort is greatly improved. With the above performance, this excavator is more suitable for indoor operations at night, as well as in urban areas such as residential areas or hospitals with environmental protection requirements.

Users who need small indoor second-hand excavators can directly tell us your requirements by email, and we will serve you anytime, anywhere.

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