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New technology: Hitachi excavator new slope control technology-improve driver's operating efficiency

Release Time: 2020-04-26


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New technology: Hitachi excavator new slope control technology-improve driver's operating efficiency
At the ConExpo 2020 exhibition in Las Vegas, Hitachi demonstrated its new grade control technology developed with the Topcon positioning system. Hitachi Solution Linkage integrated grade control technology allows excavator operators to concentrate on controlling the machine's arms, while the machine itself controls the boom and bucket.

Hitachi stated that the system can improve the efficiency of the driver's correct operation and allow inexperienced operators to perform rating without strengthening supervision.

Because this technology can prevent excavators from digging below a preset height, the need for graded piles is reduced, and the occurrence of over-digging is also reduced. The system will be factory installed and calibrated on future models of Hitachi ’s Dash-6 construction excavator.

Hitachi said it will provide two options-2D or 3D slope control. The 2D version control is at the forefront of the benchmark, while the 3D version contains the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which requires a global reference for position and altitude.

You can analyze the system data of these two options through ZXLink, so you can monitor the operation status of the machine.

Jonny Spendlove, Product Marketing Manager of Hitachi Construction Machinery Excavator, said: "Through the Solution Linkage grade control system integrated with Topcon, our customers combine the smooth hydraulic system and fast cycle time of Hitachi excavators with advanced groove technology. "This technology is about saving time and making good operators better. "

I really like it. Hitachi made another breakthrough in the practice of excavators. Diggers who like Hitachi excavators can continue to pay attention to the official website of China Machinery. We look forward to the widening of Hitachi used excavator models!

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