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New product! Performance analysis of Doosan DX800LC-7

Release Time: 2020-04-26


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New product! Performance analysis of Doosan DX800LC-7
At the ConExpo 2020 exhibition, Doosan Excavator disclosed the company's current 80-tonne excavator Doosan DX800LC-7. When the news came out, it instantly aroused the curiosity of the industry.

Doosan said that DX800LC-7 is intended for mining, such as surface soil stripping, for loading with large articulated dump trucks or rigid trucks. At the same time, this excavator is also very suitable for large construction projects, especially in infrastructure sites, where large amounts of materials need to be excavated and stored or loaded into trucks for off-site transportation.

Performance analysis of Doosan DX800LC-7
Engine: Powered by a 540-horsepower engine, the digging force of the bucket is 84,878 lb-ft (about 115kN), the digging force of the stick is 75,619 lb-ft (about 105kN), and the maximum digging depth is 39 feet 9 inches 12115mm), the maximum digging distance from the ground is 42 feet 5 inches (about 12928mm), the maximum loading height is 27 feet 7 inches (about 8407mm), the bucket capacity is 6yard (about 4.59 cubic meters).

Before DX800LC-7, Doosan's largest excavator was the 53-ton DX530LC-5. Aaron Kleingartner, Doosan Infracore's North American Product Marketing Manager, said, "Doosan can expand the product lineup to 80 metric tons according to customer requirements. It can play a greater role when matched with our large articulated dump trucks, and customers also hope to have a pair Machines of comparable efficiency. "

Entering the cab, Kleingartner said that the design is based on Doosan's current cab design for other large excavators, and is equipped with two displays. The standard monitor allows the operator to view all maintenance and other data on the machine, while the second monitor provides views from the side and rear view cameras.

He said: "This excavator is equipped with guards on the top and front of the cab, which is very common in small mining applications." As for the controls, the operator will be able to operate on ISO or BHL controls and joysticks or joysticks To choose between.

The configuration of the DX800 exhibited at ConExpo 2020 also has optional hydraulic detachable counterweights, which can greatly simplify trailer and transportation between sites. During transportation, you can put it directly on the trailer, or you can transport the machine and the counterweight separately to help solve the license problems you may encounter in the local market.

Finally, Kleingartner said, Doosan engineers are committed to improving the maintenance efficiency of excavators and making maintenance more convenient. For example, centralized lubrication, automatic oil filling option can reduce the workload of the operator.

China Machinery will continue to pay attention to the listing of the new Doosan DX800LC-7 machine. For information about used excavators, please feel free to contact us!

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