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Hitachi ZX360H-5A-2019 annual excavator TOP50

Release Time: 2020-04-20


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Hitachi ZX360H-5A-2019 annual excavator TOP50

On April 16, 2020, the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50" award ceremony came as scheduled. Affected by the epidemic situation, this award ceremony was the first to use the form of "cloud live broadcast" to witness the release of 50 outstanding products representing the industry's high performance level online. Hitachi Construction Machinery ZX360H-5A crawler hydraulic excavator won the "Golden Word of Mouth Award" for its outstanding characteristics and customer recognition, highlighting high added value and industry influence.

The "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50" selection activity began in 2006. Summarizing the achievements made by the construction machinery industry in technology and products in the past year, Hitachi products have repeatedly won the TOP50 list and won wide industry praise. In this selection, Hitachi ZX360H-5A was unanimously recognized and won the "Golden Word-of-Mouth Award" for excellent technology and good reputation of customers.

Hitachi ZX360H-5A hydraulic excavator adopts imported highly reliable and durable engine, rated power reaches 190kW (258PS), equipped with high-pressure common rail electronically controlled fuel injection system and cold EGR system, taking into account high power and low fuel consumption, exhaust emissions comply with the country 3 times standard. At the same time, the product is equipped with Hitachi HIOS Ⅲ hydraulic system, based on the original hydraulic system developed "excavation speed increase system" and "boom regeneration system", with efficient and accurate hydraulic control to increase the operating speed and achieve fast and smooth composite operation, regardless of Both excavation and loading operations can be easily controlled.

In order to improve the service life of the machine, the ZX360H-5A structural parts are strengthened to improve durability: the stick is equipped with ribs and hammer pipe support; the boom is made of thick plate and equipped with hammer pipe support; Hitachi patent The new HN bushing can effectively improve the lubrication effect; the bottom and side reinforcement plates of the 1.6-1.8m3 rock bucket adopt high-performance wear-resistant plates, which greatly improves the durability of the bucket; The tube and the central rotary joint part; the standard air pre-filter helps to extend the life of the main air filter, and then effectively protect the engine; the vehicle platform adopts a D-shaped cross-section frame, and additional anti-collision guards are provided to effectively resist external impact.

The ZX360H-5A uses a central pillar to strengthen the structure of the cab, which is sturdy and reliable. The neutral engine start system can prevent the operator from getting on and off the machine by mistake and avoid danger. Ample operating space and wide field of vision, comfortable suspension seats, and multiple user-friendly designs make operators more comfortable. In terms of informatization, the "e-Service Owner's site" system makes the preventive maintenance management work fully controllable; the ConSite construction site comprehensive response service system can monitor the operation status of the machine remotely for 24 hours, which is convenient for timely detection of hidden troubles and the maximum efficiency of the machine. Change.

Hitachi ZX360H-5A excavator is specially designed and developed to cope with the complex operating environment of the Chinese market. It is suitable for various working conditions such as roads, railways, water conservancy, urban construction, and mine assistance. It is effective in harsh environments such as heavy-duty excavation and gravel excavation Outstanding. Since its listing, ZX360H-5A has been widely praised by customers for its "fast speed, low fuel consumption, high power, and comfortable operation", and has excellent market feedback.

Thanks to the long-term accumulated good reputation, Hitachi Construction Machinery 5A series excavators represented by ZX360H-5A play an important role to help customers realize their dreams. 2020 is also the 70th anniversary of Hitachi construction machinery products. China Machinery is fortunate to become a Hitachi used excavator manufacturer. It sells used Hitachi excavators. The models are complete and in good condition. Welcome to consult us.

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