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Volvo EC250D TOP50 Golden Word of Mouth Award

Release Time: 2020-04-20


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Volvo EC250D TOP50 Golden Word of Mouth Award
On April 16, "Volvo EC250D excavator was successfully selected into the list of" 2020 China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 "with its innovative technology and high-quality experience.

The "China Construction Machinery Products TOP50" selection activity started in 2006. The selection is guided by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and aims to sort out the construction machinery products and the development of the market and inject momentum into the industry.

Volvo EC250D uses an advanced intelligent electronic hydraulic system to reduce the internal loss of the hydraulic circuit, so the cycle time is shorter and the fuel efficiency is higher. The improved and strengthened arm and arm structural parts have also made EC250D more durable. At the same time, when the operator does not use the control device within the set time, the EC250D's automatic engine shutdown function can effectively reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

Volvo EC250D has been widely used in various working conditions to help customers complete operations efficiently and with high texture. In addition to the strong digging force that Volvo construction equipment has always played steadily, the EC250D has won market favor and customer praise for its excellent handling, comfortable driving feeling, and easy and worry-free follow-up maintenance work.

As a direct agent of Volvo construction equipment, China Machinery is constantly innovating. Hope to provide customers with high-quality used Volvo excavatorproducts and services to achieve higher value and deeply participate in shaping the future of the construction machinery industry.

The traditional construction machinery industry also has higher and higher requirements for integrated operation and intelligent control.

China Machinery has always been driven by innovation and is committed to providing cleaner and smarter equipment and solutions for customers who need second-hand excavators.

In the future, China Machinery will also continue to work with all Volvo seller partners to use industrial wisdom to build an ideal life. Provide our customers with the ideal Volvo excavator model.

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