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Doosan DX300LC and Komatsu PC300-7 Review

Release Time: 2020-04-13


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Doosan DX300LC and Komatsu PC300-7 Review

Doosan DX300LC excavator is an upgrade of Doosan's 30-ton classic excavator DH300LC-7. The Komatsu PC300-7 is also a triumph of Komatsu's 30-ton excavator. Who is the more prominent 30-ton excavator from Doosan or Komatsu?

30-ton used excavator

1. The streamlined appearance of Doosan DX300LC looks very comfortable. The cab and rear counterweights are streamlined. In contrast, Komatsu PC300-7 looks very ordinary, looking at the shape of the two cars alone, the Yama DX300LC wins.

2. Let's take a look at the chassis of the two cars. Doosan DX300LC has 9 rollers, which is considered to be an extended chassis. Komatsu PC300-7 chassis has 7 rollers, two less than Doosan, this comparison is still Doosan won, the old driver knows that the chassis is long and steady.

3. The Doosan DX300LC uses a German Mann engine with a power of 151kw. Komatsu PC300-7 uses an independently developed engine with a power of 190kw. Both engines are direct injection. Easy maintenance and low cost. Komatsu's power is greater than Doosan's. Working naturally costs more than Doosan.

4. Komatsu PC300-7 hydraulic pump is also self-developed, with high maintenance cost. The hydraulic pump of Doosan DX300LC is a Kawasaki pump, which is relatively common and has a high holding quantity. The hydraulic pumps of both vehicles are relatively good. Komatsu is more durable, but Doosan's maintenance costs are low.

5. The air inlet of Komatsu PC300-7 uses an ordinary dust collection filter, which is very common and needs to be cleaned occasionally. The Doosan DX300LC is equipped with 7 rotating dust entrances, commonly known as Desert Storm. This item is better than Doosan's than Komatsu, which can save air filter and reduce the entry of dust.

6, Komatsu PC300-7 standard suspension seat is very comfortable. Similarly, the Doosan DX300LC is also a suspension seat that can be adjusted in multiple directions. Komatsu is more comfortable and more humane.

7. Let's talk about the cabs of the two cars. The Doosan DX300LC has a bad cab and a strong sense of bumps. The Komatsu PC300-7's cab is quite comfortable. This comparison is obviously Komatsu's good, and much better

8. Komatsu PC300-7 uses an ordinary display, as does the Doosan DX300LC. This is almost the same.

9, Komatsu PC300-7 and Doosan DX300LC have a refrigerator behind the cab, and there is also a place for people to sit. But Komatsu has more room.

10. The maintenance of the oil filter of Komatsu PC300-7 is very convenient. The Doosan DX300LC needs to disassemble the protective plate, which is very troublesome. This item is Komatsu's victory.

Let's talk about the performance of the two cars. The standard buckets at the factory are almost large. But with a 1.8m3 bucket, Komatsu PC300-7 is also particularly active. In contrast, Doosan is much worse. The maintenance cost of these two cars is much more expensive than Doosan, which is also Doosan's advantage.

10 comparison items, Komatsu and Doosan each have their own advantages. Among the 30-ton excavators, both of them are good choices. When buying, it is still a matter of personal preference. If you do not have a better choice, China Machinery is willing to provide Refer to the recommendation.

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