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Why is Hitachi ZX200-3G so popular in the second-hand market?

Release Time: 2020-09-03


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Why is Hitachi ZX200-3G so popular in the second-hand market?
Hitachi excavators are one of the most popular excavator brands among domestic excavator users, with a large number of pumps, especially in the second-hand mobile phone market, where Hitachi excavators' transaction volume is firmly in the forefront.

Today, China Machinery brings you a star product of Hitachi's 20-ton class-Hitachi ZX200-3G excavator. The upgraded ZX200-3G abandons the electronic injection engine and is equipped with a direct injection engine to reduce the engine failure rate caused by diesel oil quality.

Why is Hitachi ZX200-3G so popular in the second mobile phone market?

Isuzu AA-6BG1T direct injection engine

This engine is extremely reliable in harsh environments. Using mechanical fuel supply, even in sites where fuel management is difficult, there are very few failures caused by impurities, effectively reducing downtime.
Give the driver the most comfortable driving experience

The Hitachi ZX200-3G cab adopts high-grade fabric seats with headrests and armrests. 

The inclination of the seat back and the amount of front and rear sliding can be fine-tuned and set, so you can ride comfortably even in the face of long-term work without fatigue. The monitor is set in a position convenient for the operator to watch.

CRES cab is safer

The installation surface of the cab is supported by a reinforced frame and adopts liquid-sealed anti-vibration rubber pads, which can effectively reduce vibration and noise in the cab and achieve good quiet performance. The pillar in the center of the cab adopts a high-strength closed cross-section structure. 

In addition, the overall use of reinforced beams in the cab and thickening of the rear frame plate have increased the overall strength and rigidity of the cab and improved safety.

Fully automatic air conditioning temperature control more freely

It adopts a large-capacity fully automatic air conditioner with external air introduction. It can automatically control the air volume and the air outlet to maintain the preset temperature. 

It also has a dual temperature setting function, which can ensure warm feet and cool head, so that operators can work comfortably.

Reinforced design can better adapt to harsh working conditions

In order to be able to adapt to the harsh working environment, Hitachi ZX200-3G lower walking body and front-end working device adopt enhanced design to improve durability.

Among them, components such as the supporting wheel and the tension wheel bracket of the lower traveling body have been greatly strengthened. The X beam strength of the walking frame is increased by 35%.

If you are interested in second-hand Hitachi ZX240-3G, please consult the official website of China Machinery for more details about Hitachi excavators.