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Why are used excavators so popular?

Release Time: 2020-10-29


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Why are used excavators so popular?

Almost every construction machinery person has dealt with excavators. Used excavators are not expensive and are welcomed by many new users. So why are used excavators so popular?

High cost performance of used excavators

Friends who are familiar with construction machinery know that each of the huge machines on the construction site is expensive. 

Therefore, when many people decide to enter the construction machinery industry, capital becomes a threshold that must be crossed. 

The used excavator maintains most of the performance of the new machine at a price much lower than that of the new machine. 

The extremely high cost performance is definitely very attractive for novices who want to enter the industry and users with tight funds.

Low depreciation rate of used excavators

Used excavators are not only much cheaper than new ones, but also allow friends who are in urgent need of excavation operations to buy machinery that can complete the project with very little capital. 

The depreciation of construction machinery and other assets has its own rules. In the past few years, the depreciation was relatively severe. 

Not only did new machines take up a lot of funds, if there were no continuous projects, the annual asset depreciation would be larger and faster than the low-priced used excavators , The asset preservation rate is not as good as used excavators.

Easy to maintain

A used excavator that is in good condition and has not had any accidents has passed the period of greatest depreciation. Even if it takes a few years to figure out the price, it will not drop much. 

After a period of use, the used excavator has passed the running-in period prematurely, and it is much easier to maintain than a new machine, which can save a lot of labor and capital costs.

Used excavators are very cost-effective, and are indeed a good choice for novices or for units and individuals with tight funds. 

If you want to enter the construction machinery industry or receive a project, and the funds on hand are tight, choosing a good used excavator is also very feasible.

If you are interested in used excavators, please consult the official website of China Machinery for details.