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Which used excavator to buy, just consider these!

Release Time: 2020-03-02


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Which used excavator to buy, just consider these!
There are many models and brands of used excavators. Which one does you choose? China Machinery will answer your questions and doubts. You only need to consider these. Buying used excavators will not be tangled.

Work site layout

First, consider the size and layout of your work location. Do you want to work on a small space with small spaces and obstacles, or do you want to enjoy the vast land without interference?

If you are working in a tight space or a lot of dangerous places, a compact mini excavator may be the right choice. If your job site has many underground obstacles, such as pipes and gas lines, then a smaller excavator may also be a wise choice. Small and small excavators will have smaller buckets and more precise controls to safely avoid underground dangers while effectively digging.

If your work area has more operating space, you can comfortably use standard or large excavators. But remember to consider future hazards that may arise as the construction project progresses.

The tail swing of the excavator also affects the difficulty of navigation in narrow spaces. The tail swings of large excavators are usually larger because they require more weight to maintain balance. This rear extension can cause problems when working near walls or buildings, and can also hurt workers if they are not handled safely.

Many small excavators have a tail swing of zero or close to zero, which means they can rotate safely without damaging surrounding trees or structures. Excavators with zero tail swing are popular in urban or residential workplaces. However, in order to provide stability when cornering, excavators with zero tail swing typically have a larger footprint and a larger track pitch.

Work site terrain

Different types of excavators work better in all terrains. Track excavators provide excellent traction and stability on uneven ground, while wheeled excavators work best on hard and flat surfaces. However, the weight of the excavator also affects its performance on specific terrain.

If the ground is weak, large standard excavators can put a lot of pressure and damage the job site. When working on a completed site such as a backyard or other residential space, you need to be extra careful to prevent damage to the terrain. Small excavators can be used safely on the finished product site without damaging the ground.

When considering the weight of an excavator, consider the maximum working weight, not the weight of the machine alone. Operating weight will include the weight of the excavator operator and the load the machine will be transporting.

Project requirements

After considering the job site conditions, it is also necessary to consider the tasks that the excavator will perform. The right excavator will be able to easily and efficiently meet your mining, lifting and transportation needs. If you are buying a long-term used excavator, check out past project requirements to understand your future needs. Consider any potential growth and choose an excavator that suits your needs for the next few years.

Dealer of used excavators of China Machinery, acting as the agent for the second sale of internationally renowned excavators. We have brands such as Carter, Hitachi, Doosan, Komatsu, etc. If you want to buy used excavator equipment, please contact us first to give you satisfactory service and excavator !!

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