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Used Volvo excavator-EC950EL, the best oil-saving mine

Release Time: 2020-03-31


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Used Volvo excavator-EC950EL, the best oil-saving mine

Oversized excavators work at high prices. For example, in China, the efficiency of 500 square meters per hour and the unit price of 1,800 yuan per hour have made oversized excavators a profitable choice for many excavator owners.

The EC950EL excavator was imported from South Korea. The excavator owner praised Volvo's driving experience. "Volvo excavator is comfortable to drive, fast and fuel efficient" has been unanimously affirmed. Not only that, Volvo excavators are also highly efficient. According to the hardness of the rock, if the softer stone, you can hit 400 to 500 cubic meters per hour. If you encounter a high hardness stone, it will be dozens to 100 cubic meters per hour. At present, this excavator has two shifts, and it has been more than 400 hours a month.

 "Fuel-saving and efficient, fast return on costs," similar to most excavators operating very large excavators. "Small excavator is not interesting," Mr. Wang, the customer, bought a 480 excavator at the beginning, but later became addicted. Whenever he had money, he bought an excavator. He operated 6 excavators before and after, mostly super For large excavators, the smallest excavator is the Volvo EC360BLC. "All excavators are used second-hand. I plan to buy them for two years and then sell them. I will buy one after returning."

Mr. Wang is most afraid to hear the failure of the second-hand excavator, because he bought all second-hand excavators, and the faults are relatively large. Mr. Wang summarized the experience of operating the second-hand large excavators. Repair and maintenance are the most important. Only repair is cheap, Easy to repair and low fuel consumption excavators are the money-making weapon. He currently has two used Volvos, one EC360 and one EC480. He said that he chose Volvo mainly because of fuel economy.

Among the second-hand Volvo excavators provided by China Machinery, super-large Volvo excavators need to be reserved for consultation and ordering in advance, because large Volvo excavators are very rare and there are many people who buy them, please contact us!

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