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Used Volvo EC480D excavator

Release Time: 2020-03-09


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Used Volvo EC480D excavator

Used Volvo EC480D excavator is Volvo ’s latest D series excavator, a new generation of products developed by Volvo Construction Equipment to meet higher emissions requirements.

It has entered the Chinese market since the beginning of 2012. Has a solid chassis, powerful digging power and digging force.
China Machinery recommends this used excavator equipment today for 5 reasons.

Excellent fuel efficiency
Fuel efficiency is the center of gravity of Volvo machines. The EC480D is equipped with Volvo's new D13 engine, improved hydraulic system, and unique ECO mode for superior fuel efficiency. And it can help you reduce fuel consumption, save money, and reach higher levels of efficiency.

Volvo machines are easy to maintain and maintain, ensuring maximum machine uptime. Benefit from safe and convenient maintenance and less repair time. Experience Volvo's convenient maintenance and service operations.

Digging force
The Volvo EC480D can help you increase productivity thanks to increased engine power and improved hydraulic systems. These machines have higher digging forces and shorter cycle times. With Volvo EC480D, you always get better power and productivity.

Volvo cab
Volvo's spacious cab provides operators with an excellent working environment to reduce fatigue, which allows operators to expand their horizons and increase efficiency. Increase your productivity with inherent comfort, all-round visibility, and easy-to-use controls. Please enter the cab to experience it.

Sturdy chassis
If you are looking for rugged performance, then Volvo EC480D is definitely your better choice. Volvo EC480D has outstanding performance in harsh terrain conditions. Volvo EC480D adopts rugged welding and heavy-duty protection device. Its performance is reliable. Any work is not a problem and it can be successfully completed.

User feedback on used Volvo 480 excavator
User 1: Advantages: Fuel saving is the key. Volvo does a good job. Under the same working conditions and the same number of vehicles, one shift can save 10-20 liters compared to other hook machines. , Easy, soft action, hard material can also be dug
User 2: No maintenance costs in 5 years, fuel-efficient, durable, and looks great. Choose recognition!

The reason why China Machinery recommends our used Volvo EC480D is straightforward. Not only does it have an absolute advantage, but we can also provide free equipment testing and construction assistance to provide solutions for project development.