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Volvo EC210BLC is worthy of favor

Release Time: 2020-04-07


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Volvo EC210BLC is worthy of favor
Volvo excavators have a place in construction equipment. Among the many brand excavators, Volvo is widely loved by users. Why?

Mr. He operates 4 Volvo excavators before and after. The excavator market in 2019 is not very good, leaving only the purely imported EC210BLC, which has won the favor of "powerful, fast, and low maintenance".

Fast speed, first-class control, excellent performance

9 years of how to get along with Volvo, Since 1997, He started driving a Volvo excavator to repair roads and bridges. In 2011, he began to get involved in real estate construction. He bought two Volvo 20-ton excavators at one time.

Entering the market in 1997, He has his own understanding of the excavator: speed, control, performance. On March 30, 2011, He bought a Volvo EC200B, then bought a pure imported EC210BLC, and entered the excavator industry. Purchased more than 11 Volvo excavators.

Among its counterparts in construction machinery, Volvo excavators are famous for fuel saving and expensive maintenance. However, He holds a different point of view. In his view, fuel economy is not necessarily the first, large output, high efficiency is the most critical. In addition, the maintenance cost of the Volvo excavator he operated is not high. What is the reason, and listen to him carefully.

"Volvo EC210BLC is not very fuel efficient if it works according to the amount. He explained," In the previous site, two 20-ton excavators of a certain brand have not done my EC210BLC. One day, 8.5-9 hours, For more than 3 to 4 consecutive days, they have more activity than theirs. They average more than 160 vehicles per unit. Volvo EC210BLC has 179 vehicles installed, nearly 180 vehicles. Their bucket capacity is 1.2 square meters, Volvo EC210BLC's standard 1-square bucket, and the tonnage is 5 tons larger than Volvo EC210BLC! ".

Today, the EC210BLC excavator he left has just broken 10,000 hours. According to the current maintenance rhythm, it is no problem to dry for another 20,000 hours. According to the Taiwan shift fee of 2,400 yuan, 300 yuan an hour, self-supply oil, about 16 to 17 liters per hour is acceptable, fuel consumption of about 100, the income is still considerable.

Used Volvo EC210BLC price

Who says Volvo has high breakdowns and expensive repairs!
When buying a Volvo excavator, the peers who operate the excavator have been reminded that Volvo has high failures and expensive repairs. People with such views do not think that they have not done normal maintenance and maintenance. The daily maintenance is more diligent, and the materials used should be a little more ... In fact, the cheapest things are actually the most spent, and the best one is to save money. "In the maintenance of the excavator, we insist on the use of original authentic products, especially oil products. The filter element and the oil product can not have a poor pool. Except for the later sale by Volvo, Ho's filter element and oil product are the best on the market.

These Volvo users who visited China Machinery saw that many people shared their experience in maintaining excavators and insisted that original parts and original maintenance are so common.

He said that in the future, the choice of excavator or Volvo excavator will be preferred. It can be seen that the brand excavator is recognized by everyone not only for its affordable price. China Machinery has exported second-hand excavators for many years and has always insisted on consistent price and quality. It is about getting praise from users.

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