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Does Caterpillar excavator keep its value?

Release Time: 2020-08-05


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Does Caterpillar excavator keep its value?

What is the value preservation rate of Caterpillar excavators?

Caterpillar excavator

The preservation rate of equipment refers to the ratio of the price of a certain model of equipment of a certain brand after being used for a period of time to the price of the previous purchase of a new machine. It is a value curve that runs through the entire life cycle of the equipment. 

The factors that determine the hedge rate are mainly as follows:

✧ Brand reputation

A good reputation will increase brand value, while a brand with frequent major accidents or more negative reviews will depreciate more.

✧ Brand recognition 

A more complete after-sales service guarantee system and a high level of brand awareness in the market have increased the value retention rate. 

Model inventory, higher inventory represents a higher share, but also means that the technology is relatively stable, maintenance costs are relatively low, parts procurement is convenient, the use cost is relatively low, and the value retention rate is high. The less popular models have a low value retention rate. 

✧ Brand influence in the industry and market.

New phone price stability, often the more stable the price of the new phone, the stronger the price of the second phone, the higher the value retention rate. The supply and demand relationship, the more in short supply in the second mobile phone market, the more popular the equipment, the higher the value retention rate.

Let's look at the preservation rate of Caterpillar excavators corresponding to the above factors:

As the world's number one construction machinery brand, Carter has a very strong influence in the industry. In China, Caterpillar has also occupied the largest sales volume for many years, with a large number of shares. The price of new Caterpillar equipment is very strong. In the second mobile phone market, Caterpillar excavators are in great demand, but the supply is not much.

Carter's reputation has always been good, saying that the leather is durable and his work is guaranteed. The establishment of this kind of word-of-mouth is definitely not a single element or short-term can be completed.
Carter attaches great importance to after-sales service guarantee. The high value of service affects the high value of equipment, and together they push up the value of the brand.

From the perspective of a brand as a whole, Caterpillar has a high value retention rate, but it does not mean that every unit is value retention.
When we see a single device as an individual, the individual characteristics of each device are very important, the performance is very different, and its individual value is also very different.

As a purchaser of a new machine, the preservation rate is an important reference.
As the owner of the equipment, he understands the factors that determine the preservation rate of the equipment, and can be careful not to artificially depreciate the value of the equipment when using the equipment.
As a trader of a second mobile phone, he should not only pay attention to the preservation rate, but also pay attention to the individual differences of each device. It will be more secure to get the real data of identification and performance testing of each device, so as to obtain an objective price reference.