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Used Volvo 140 Track Excavator

Release Time: 2020-03-04


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Used Volvo 140 Track Excavator
Volvo is the world's third largest manufacturer of construction equipment, mainly producing excavators, wheel loaders, articulated trucks, small equipment, road graders, rollers, pavers and milling machines. Widely used in municipal construction, energy mining, forestry development and environmental protection projects.

China Machinery brings a 140 Volvo excavator-Volvo EC140DL crawler excavator. Volvo 140 has reliable and durable fuel efficiency and strong power, which can increase your uptime, guarantee your normal operation and continuous profit. Secondly, the ECO mode helps improve the overall fuel efficiency of the Volvo 140 without affecting performance at the same time, while maintaining a high digging force and turning torque. The third one uses durable components, a sturdy upper structure, a chassis, The boom and forearm help you get strong performance in all work situations. Finally, the EC140D is equipped with non-slip plates, a ground service port and centralized filters and lubrication points to ensure safe and convenient quick repairs.

Volvo excavators are designed with a variety of attachments for a variety of operating conditions for greater productivity and versatility

Volvo Universal Bucket
Volvo universal buckets are ideal for digging on soft ground, for example, and are equipped with standard universal GP teeth and hooks.
Volvo heavy-duty buckets are heavier and more sturdy, with rigid top structures on both sides of the bucket and double wear-resistant shields. Thicker buckets for tough digging and loading operations,
And comes standard with RC bucket teeth.

Volvo's durable hydraulic breakers are specifically designed for Volvo excavators to crush harder materials. Consistent power and high breaking force of the breaker,
You get greater impact and durability.

The above is the basic status of the Volvo 140 excavator organized by China Machinery. If you have a purchase intention of a used Volvo 140 excavator, please contact us. We provide the export of used Volvo excavators and complete solutions to meet your needs. Demand to bring you higher operating income.

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