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Used Hitachi Mini ZX60 user feedback

Release Time: 2020-03-24


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Used Hitachi Mini ZX60 user feedback
Hitachi used excavators models and agents are a lot. Among the used Hitachi excavators, have you noticed the small mini excavator Hitachi ZX60?
A small digging model created by Hitachi for the market, this Hitachi ZX60 model has a very good retention and popularity in the market. Let's explore why and why it's so popular!

The biggest highlight of the Hitachi ZX60 small excavator is the Isuzu engine. Isuzu's diesel engine has always had an excellent reputation in the excavator industry. This engine has the characteristics of strong power, high reliability and low maintenance cost.
No matter how we introduce the technical performance of the Hitachi ZX60, it is better to listen to the feedback from users who have purchased the Hitachi ZX60 on a mini excavator. I believe that after hearing these evaluations, you will have a better understanding of the Hitachi ZX60.

Advantages of Hitachi ZX60
1, ZX60 uses Isuzu CC-4JG1F engine, the power is the same as 70, the power is good.
2. There are a lot of cooling holes on the side door of the engine compartment, which has improved the high temperature problem of the previous 55.
3, the cab uses the same cab as the big dig, automatic constant temperature air conditioning, the sight is very good. 60 greatly improved the lack of control before 55, more controllable, flexible and lightweight.
4. I have used this machine for 6,500 hours. So far, I have only changed 3 hydraulic tubes, dropped the chain several times, and changed a pair of batteries. Overall pretty good, quite worry-free, air conditioning is good!
5, Isuzu's engine quality goes without saying, fuel-efficient, large power, cheap maintenance parts, low failure rate, etc. I wonder if most of our new EFI engines for small excavators now do not use Isuzu.

Cons of Hitachi ZX60
1, the chassis is very low, the gap between the track and the fuselage is very small, there is a small stone stuck in the middle, it is easy to damage the bottom plate of the fuselage, the roller design is not reasonable, it is easily broken.
2,60 chassis parts, really not durable, wear too fast, if not repaired in time, often accidentally just drop the chain. It would wear out again after a while. I spend half a year on maintenance and maintenance costs on the chassis. Maybe the Hitachi 60's frame is bigger than the other 60s! Can't afford the chassis!

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the Hitachi ZX60 excavator collected by China Machinery. If you don't mind his chassis or working conditions without special wear and tear obstacles, the Hitachi ZX60 is considered a mini excavator
Very good digging equipment. China Machinery also prepared a stock of used Hitachi ZX60 for everyone. If you like the mini excavator of Hitachi ZX60, you can consider to discuss with us!

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