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How to regulate the driver to drive the excavator correctly

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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How to regulate the driver to drive the excavator correctly

A used excavator is a large machine that requires good care and maintenance to work properly, so it is very important to use a used excavator on a daily basis. It is also necessary for each worker who regulates the use of a second-hand excavator to clarify their responsibilities.

After putting a second-hand excavator into the job site, the driver should first observe the geological conditions and the surrounding environment of the job site. There must be no obstacles within the turning radius of the used excavator to prevent damage to and scratching other vehicles.

When a second-hand excavator is in operation, no one is allowed to stand in the bucket or arm and track to ensure production safety. During production, each employee will be barred from moving or standing still within the radius of rotation or below the bucket. Non-driver personnel will also be barred from entering and touching the machine, and driving trainees will not be allowed.

When moving a second-hand excavator, the driver should observe the horn before moving the excavator. It is important to ensure that no one is within the radius of rotation of the used excavator and that there are no obstacles.

After the daily work is completed, the excavator should be kept away from the depression or the edge of the groove, placed on the ground, closed windows and locked doors. In addition, the driver should do the daily inspection and maintenance, and complete the daily use records of the machine. If you find any problems, please report them in time. It is also the responsibility of the driver to keep his body surface clean and to ensure that it is free of dust and pollution.

For drivers, drunk driving at work is strictly forbidden and even not drinking at noon, otherwise they will be fined. For situations such as man-made vehicle damage or personal injury, we should analyze the reasons, find problems, distinguish responsibilities, and then give certain economic penalties according to the department. Therefore, the driver must establish a strong sense of responsibility to ensure safe production.

At the same time, good work style is needed. Drivers should do a good job in establishing communication relationships and providing services, and respond to the development of enterprises. The operation of second-hand excavators is a special operation, so a special operation operation certificate is required.

China Machinery Trade is a Chinese dealer specializing in second-hand construction equipment, including second-hand excavators. There are strict requirements for operating second-hand excavators. Buying our second-hand excavators can provide professional training in advance to ensure excavators and operations Personnel safety.

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