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Top match in used excavators-Komatsu PC120

Release Time: 2020-02-19


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Top match in used excavators-Komatsu PC120
There are regional differences in used excavators. Some users love old excavators. What is the experience of Komatsu excavators produced in 2003? Is it still crazy mining? We were amazed by the feedback from one of our old customers.

The user said that thanks to the second-hand excavator, the money saved was quick, the profit of the project went up, and the second-hand Komatsu PC120 accessories were easy to buy and maintenance was effortless.

Although the PC120 is an old excavator, it does not consume any fuel at all. Compared with the current new excavators, it still has an advantage. It works 8 hours a day and consumes about 60 liters of fuel. It should be replaced by other new excavators. It will cost you more money.

Komatsu PC120 followed our customers to highways, railways, gardens, demolition, etc. Komatsu PC120 can easily cope with different difficult environments. With a PC120 excavator, our customers have gradually fallen in love with this used PC120.

The second-hand PC120 should always pay attention to maintenance. The old excavator needs to be checked every time it is operated. Small faults need to be mastered by itself to not delay the progress of the project. Of course, for the main components, such as hydraulic pumps, the engine must be equipped with better performance, The price is more expensive, but it will be earned in the usual operation.

The dimensions and performance of the second-hand Komatsu PC120-6 excavator from China Machinery, including the operation manual, we all provide detailed instructions, if you are interested, please come to our website to view, the price is publicly informed based on performance and evaluation.

China Machinery cherishes each of our customers. Their satisfaction with the used excavators is an affirmation of our sales of used excavators. We will provide after-sale protection for each excavator product we deal with. If you want to own a Contact your excavator now!