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Top 9 sales of used excavators

Release Time: 2020-10-16


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Top 9 sales of used excavators

As the used excavator trading market becomes more and more standardized, purchasing second-hand excavators has become the choice of more and more potential users. 

In recent years, the market supply and demand relationship will drive a new round of growth in the trading volume of second-hand excavators.

Based on the performance of the used excavator market in recent years, combined with the overall macroeconomic environment and industry development situation, the 9 most popular usedexcavator models have been sorted out.

Caterpillar 320D

Caterpillar 320D

The used Caterpillar 320D is the star model of the industry giant Caterpillar, and users generally rated it as durable", especially in heavy-duty work situations. 

The classic model has been tested by the market for a long time, and its position in the mainstream 20-ton excavator market is irreplaceable. 

Nowadays, it is very popular in the used excavator market, and its sales are booming.

Komatsu PC60-7

Komatsu PC60-7

PC60-7 is the representative model of Komatsu's small excavators, and has a pivotal position in the 6-ton small excavator market. Equipped with its own engine and hydraulic system, the action is brisk and stable. 

Due to the huge market stock, there are a wealth of spare parts for later maintenance.

Komatsu PC360-7

Komatsu PC360-7

In the field of medium and large mining excavators, PC360-7 is a model that cannot be ignored. Stable and reliable quality enables it to maintain stable performance even under heavy-duty operating conditions.

Caterpillar 320C

Although production has been discontinued for more than ten years, 320C is still active in the second-hand excavator market, and the sales at that time can be seen. 

Due to the use of stable technology, it has excellent reliability and ensures normal operation under any working conditions, making potential buyers love it.

Komatsu PC200-7

PC200-7 is also a classic model. As Komatsu's main 20-ton model, its huge market sales and excellent reputation make it the highest quality endorsement. 

The onboard direct injection engine has excellent reliability, relatively low maintenance costs, and there is no need to worry about fuel quality.

Doosan DH220LC-7

Doosan DH220LC-7

Doosan excavators have always been recognized by the market for their affordable prices and low operating costs. DH220LC-7 has won the favor of many users with its larger tonnage and lower price. 

In addition, excellent fuel consumption performance has almost become the product label of Doosan excavators, which is a machine that helps users save money in all aspects.

Doosan DH150LC-7

Doosan DH150LC-7

The Doosan DH150LC-7 excavator is a 14-ton medium-sized excavator from Doosan, with a weight of 13,900kg. Users generally comment on it as low fuel consumption, high speed, and operating efficiency comparable to larger tonnage models.

Komatsu PC200-8

As the successor to the legendary PC200-7, PC200-8 adopts a high-pressure common rail engine, which can adjust injection pressure and fuel injection volume according to working conditions, which reduces power while ensuring

Caterpillar 336D

Carter's position in the field of large-tonnage mining excavators is self-evident. 

As a representative of Carter's mining excavators, the market sales volume of the 336D ranks among the best in its class. The 336D excavator adopts the Cat C9 engine of ACERT technology. 

The combination of powerful power and high-efficiency hydraulic system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 9% compared with the previous model. It has a good reputation in the market.