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Three types of Doosan excavator

Release Time: 2020-06-29


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Three types of Doosan excavator

What is a construction machinery excavator? 

It is an excavating machine (excavating machinery), and also an excavator seal. It is an earthmoving machine used for buckets to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface, and loaded into transportation vehicles or unloaded to the stockyard. . The machine nest tells you that the materials excavated by the excavator are mainly soil, coal, sediment and pre-loosened soil and rocks. Among them, the common excavator seals in our work include buffer rings (HBY, HBTS), anti-fouling sealing rings (KZT), shaft seals, heavy-duty shaft seals, hole combination seals and dust seals. The above are the common types of excavator sealing elements.

Doosan excavator has two major product series: DH series and DX series. The DH series are: DH55,DH55GOLD,DH60-7,DH70,DH80GOLD,DH150-7,DH150W-7,DH175,DH210W-7,DH215-7/-9/-9E,DH220-7,DH225-7/-9/-9E ,DH255DH258-7,DH300-7,DH340,DH370-7/-9,DH420-7,DH500; DX series has DX60,DX60W,DX260,DX300,DX350. Among them, DH215-9, DH225-9/-9E, DX60, etc. are the main products.

Folding small(MINI)

DX60: According to the scientific principles of ergonomics, it provides the driver with the most comfortable indoor feeling. The cab air-conditioning system, the easy-to-reach operating system and various convenient systems maximize the operating efficiency and allow the driver to experience high-grade enjoyment beyond comfort. During the development of DX60, the customer's comfort was taken as the first goal. The comfort naturally surpassed the industry standard, providing users with a unique sense of comfort.

Folded medium

Doosan DH215LC-7 excavator/ Doosan DH220LC-7 excavator / Doosan DH215-9E excavator / Doosan DH225-9/9E excavator: he has efficient cutting-edge technology with efficient work performance, through more advanced design and repeated The verification improves reliability, and has a more spacious driving space, a more convenient and comfortable cab.

Folding large

DX345LC: He uses an imported engine to ensure strong power, a super excavator, excellent overall performance, super thick wear-resistant steel plate design, clear quality of key parts, advanced technology, reasonable matching, and significant improvement in operating efficiency After-sales service, escort your career.