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Three fully upgraded Carter hydraulic excavators

Release Time: 2020-08-10


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Three fully upgraded Carter hydraulic excavators

Cat 323D2 L hydraulic excavator, Cat 326D2 hydraulic excavator and Cat 329D2 hydraulic excavator are three D2 excavators developed by incorporating Cat’s latest technology on the basis of the previous generation D series models. 

These three products continue the advantages of Cat excavators such as high efficiency, reliability and durability. They use powerful engines and combine with a new and high-efficiency hydraulic system to reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel economy. 

The sturdy and durable main structure ensures that the machine is Longer service life in harsh applications; the improved cab provides a comfortable working environment and increases productivity and efficiency; most maintenance points can be operated from the ground, making daily maintenance more convenient and reducing operating costs. 

The newly upgraded CatD2 hydraulic excavator brings users more choices and maximizes customer value.

Cat C7.1 engine

Cat 323D2 L, Cat326D2 and Cat 329D2 three products all use Cat C7.1 engine. The Cat C7.1 engine is equipped with a powerful high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, which reduces sensitivity to low-quality fuel; an improved filtration system ensures the reliability of fuel injection system components, and by extending the replacement cycle and reducing filtration The number of cleaners to reduce user costs. 

The radial seal air filter adopts a double-layer filter element to maximize the filtering capacity. Under no-load/light-load conditions, the automatic engine speed control system will automatically activate, reducing the engine speed to reduce fuel consumption. 

At the same time, customers can choose "economic mode" or "high-horsepower mode" to meet the needs of different working conditions and achieve maximum benefits.

Cat C7.1 engine meets the US Environmental Protection Agency's second-stage emission standards, the second-stage EU emission standards, and China's non-road mobile machinery diesel engine exhaust pollutant emission limits and measurement methods (second-stage) regulatory requirements.

Hydraulic system

The three excavators all have a powerful negative flow control hydraulic system. The interactive induction system uses either of the two hydraulic pumps to achieve engine power to achieve the best hydraulic efficiency. 

The boom and stick regeneration circuit can reduce pressure loss, shorten cycle time, save fuel consumption, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. 

The hydraulic cylinder buffers are located at the rod end of the boom cylinder and both ends of the stick cylinder to extend the service life of components and improve operating comfort. 

The auxiliary hydraulic valve is provided as standard to realize the versatility of the machine.

Operating environment

The cabs of the three excavators are all ergonomically designed and easy to operate and control. The visual screen area of the new monitor is increased by 40%, the resolution is increased by 4 times, and 42 languages can be displayed, which better meets the needs of people from all over the world. 

The needs of operators in different regions. The standard suspension seat can be adjusted in multiple directions to suit the use of operators of different sizes, and the operating comfort has been greatly improved. 

The cab shell is installed on the frame through a viscous rubber base, which not only reduces vibration and noise, but also further improves the comfort of the operator.

Cat Smart Technology

The three excavators are compatible with the Cat Product Link™ telemetry system, and can report the running history, diagnostic code, working hours, fuel consumption and working location through the secure network application Vision Link® to assist users in equipment management. 

At the same time, various powerful tools included in Vision Link also allow users to communicate with Cat dealers, helping users to better maintain equipment and avoid equipment failure. 

Similarly, the Cat grade control system installed by the dealer provides an easy-to-read display that can display real-time excavation/filling data, guide the operator to quickly level, and maintain maximum efficiency throughout the day. 

Cat Detect technology combines safety features and alarms to improve the safety of the job site.


The design and layout of the three excavators fully consider the needs of maintenance technicians. 

Most maintenance points can be easily inspected and repaired on the ground, and regular oil sampling ports ensure the quality of samples collected from engine oil, hydraulic systems and cooling devices. 

The convenient hydraulic testing interface ensures that reliable samples of hydraulic oil, engine oil and coolant are collected for analysis.