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Three best-selling used Caterpillar value excavators

Release Time: 2020-06-08


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Three best-selling used Caterpillar value excavators

If you are still undecided on how to choose used Caterpillar excavator of appropriate specifications, today's information may be of some help.

China Machinery is a company specializing in the sale of used excavators of international brands, and the quality and price do not need your worry at all. This is a good place for those who want to buy used excavator.

Today I mainly recommend three used Caterpillar excavators to you.

  Used Caterpillar 320C excavator

This Used Caterpillar 320C excavator is the smallest of the three models with a tonnage of 20. It runs on traditional power. The bucket is in the form of a backhoe. More mechanical information can be moved to the exact web page for understanding.

  Used Caterpillar 325BL excavator

This excavator has a tonnage of 25, it is also traditional power and the bucket is also a backhoe, but its transport length is longer than the 320C excavator and can carry more weight.

  Used Caterpillar heavy excavator 330D

It is native to Japan and has a tonnage of 30. Its body size is 11.15*3.19*3.34. The maximum digging depth can also reach more than 7 meters. Compared with the previous two excavators, it is more suitable for large buildings engineering.

Due to the different specifications and performance of these three used Caterpillar excavators, the selection of more suitable excavators should be taken into consideration when selecting the site and the amount of engineering.

Come on!!!I believe this is your best choice.