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Three Doosan excavators entered the Chinese market

Release Time: 2019-12-26


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Three Doosan excavators entered the Chinese market

Three doosan excavators types

Doosan 9C series excavator has the characteristics of energy saving and fuel saving, flexibility, comfort and high efficiency. Today we introduce three new products for 2019: dx60e-9c, dx65-9c PLUS and dx75-9c PLUS.

Doosan dx60e-9c is equipped with large bucket capacity of 0.21m3 and equipped with "high-precision hydraulic" system to ensure long-term stable output efficiency. quipped with high efficiency power and hydraulic system, coupled with the added automatic idle function, to achieve optimal fuel economy and product excavation. In addition, the equipment standard broken pipeline, users can choose according to the actual working conditions of the appliance, very convenient. In terms of design, the doosan dx60e-9c is a smooth, accurate and stable solution for Chinese customers. with upgraded operation panel, centralized switch design, multiple storage space, open driving vision, will make customers in the use of a surprise.


Dx65-9c PLUS is equipped with large displacement direct jet motor to ensure efficient performance and adopt a variety of advanced fuel saving technologies to greatly reduce fuel consumption. The structure adopts reinforced design, reliable and durable, standard with electric fuel filling pump, fuel filling saves time and labor.Not only that, but also in cold areas automatically. Turn on the fuel heating function to prevent the fuel from freezing and further improve the adaptability of the equipment to various harsh working conditions.To reduce driver fatigue, to improve work efficiency, the equipment adopts anti-shock suspension seat, which can automatically adjust the height according to the driver's weight.Equipment in the excavation force, walking traction, Turning speed and driving comfort are superior to other products of the same tonnage, and the production efficiency is outstanding among the products of the same tonnage.The product is equipped with standard broken pipeline, which is enough to deal with various complicated working conditions.


The doosan dx75-9c, which is known as the "all-powerful dry general" because of its advantages such as economy and durability, has been upgraded to the "PLUS" version, which not only adds fuel prefilter and air prefilter to ensure engine quality and durability.Moreover, the overall performance of the hydraulic system was further optimized to improve by 3-5%, so that it could be reasonably matched with the output power of the engine to greatly reduce the energy loss. The electric fuel filling pump was also standard to facilitate fuel filling with time-saving and effort-saving convenience for users.At the same time, the cab design of dx75-9c PLUS is very luxurious. On the basis of choosing medium and large DX series cab, it is equipped with anti-shock suspension seat, which can effectively reduce driver fatigue.With such a refined upgrade, I believe the dx75-9c PLUS will be the new darling of the industry in 2019.


The three 9c upgrade products, further verified the doosan depth understanding and mining customer needs, continuously introduce more suitable for the Chinese market products, not only that, the New Year doosan pay more attention to the dealer training, strive to build around the first-class quality and customer service with doosan characteristics, create and gradually perfect the doosan remote information management system, utilizing the means such as a digital marketing to provide customized services to our customers.