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Inventory of the pros and cons of international brand excavators

Release Time: 2020-06-15


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Inventory of the pros and cons of international brand excavators

With the increasing demand for excavators in the market, how to choose a suitable one among the brands of excavators and the troubles of the selectors., today I will give you a look at the pros and cons of international brand excavators , In order to give you some reference opinions on selecting excavators.

Caterpillar (CTA): American brand


Advantages: durable and strong

Disadvantages: higher price, large fuel consumption and small working range.

Komatsu: Japanese brand

Komatsu excavator

Advantages: high comprehensiveness, good strength, strong and durable, fast speed, no serious loss, second-hand excavator is better for sale

Disadvantages: high price and expensive mechanical parts.

Doosan: Korean brand

Doosan excavator

Advantages: The price is cheap, and all projects can be applied

Disadvantages: Due to the low price, the entire machine has no outstanding advantages.

Hitachi: Japanese brand

Hitachi excavator

Advantages: The machine is more flexible overall, with medium to high strength and medium comprehensive performance, which is 30,000-50,000 cheaper than Komatsu excavator.

Disadvantages: not durable, serious oil leakage

Volvo: Sweden brand

Volvo excavator

Advantages: good safety performance, low fuel consumption, fast speed

Disadvantages: serious damage

These are some of the major international brands of excavators inventoryed today. We list the advantages and disadvantages of whether you have new ideas on how to choose the right excavator.