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The main brand of Japanese used excavators

Release Time: 2020-10-30


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The main brand of Japanese used excavators
Specifically, it is more difficult to compare the advantages and disadvantages of various brands. Here, China Machinery recommends a few Japanese brands for everyone. The current mainstream market is also these brands. I hope to help you deepen your understanding of used excavators. understanding. Of course, if the summary is not in place, please mention it.

1. Komatsu

Advantages: good strength, sturdy, durable, low fuel consumption, hydraulic pressure is its strong point, good overall coordination, fast speed, not easy to break, good value retention, and good use of used cars.

Disadvantages: high price and expensive accessories. (Note: Because of its high domestic market share and many subsidiary factories, it is also relatively cheap)

2. Hitachi

Advantages: general mechanical compatibility, general hydraulic system, flexible action, general durability, general value retention, general use cost, general fuel consumption, and medium strength.

Disadvantages: not durable, there will be more problems after two or three years, serious oil leakage, mainly due to high water temperature or hydraulic system, the price of used cars is average.

3. Kobelco

Advantages: fuel saving, good color, and cheaper price.

Disadvantages: Not strong, not durable, and electronic circuits often fail. Most of them can only do earthwork because they have no strength.

The above are the main brands of Japanese excavators. As for which excavator brand is good in the world, it is difficult to have a clear standard. Moreover, excavators of various brands inevitably have some advantages, so friends still need to focus on this link, bring one or two knowledgeable friends, as long as you buy a second mobile phone with good performance, it is not necessarily To be limited by the brand.

Therefore, the editor of China Machinery still wants to remind you that choosing a suitable excavator according to your working conditions is better than anything else. 

Choosing a used excavator not only considers the condition of the vehicle, but also the price is an important direction to consider. We must also choose one. The used excavator that pays back quickly is the best.