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Three components of an excavator

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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Three components of an excavator

Some classic machines excel in engineering, and excavators are one of those great machines. Used excavators can also be called excavators and are used to dig or dig materials or construction waste.

With excavators, people can easily transport large amounts of material from construction sites to trucks, so they can continue to transport materials to move them away. By comparing the data related to the excavator, we can clearly see that the development speed of the excavator is getting faster and faster in recent years, which also confirms the fact that the importance of the excavator has further increased. In fact, excavators have become one of the most irreplaceable tools in modern society.

Junior excavators are manually operated. The most interesting thing is that the changes in excavator power can only tell the history of human industry. Manpower, steam engines, internal combustion engines, electricity and hydraulics, our excavators are constantly getting stronger, which means that people's building capabilities are constantly improving. The first hydraulic excavator was invented in 1951, when it was located in the Poclain industry in France. Hydraulic excavators have opened up a whole new field in excavator technology. Since then, hydraulics entered developing highways in 1960. As a result, in 1970, the percentage of hydraulic excavators accounted for 83%.

Generally, a used excavator contains three main parts, namely a mobile unit, a control unit and an excavation unit. Depending on the mobile unit, there are usually two types of excavators, which are crawler excavators and wheel excavators. If you compare the digging unit, there are usually two types of excavators, the excavator excavator and the backhoe excavator. When choosing an excavator for your project, considering bucket capacity is an important parameter that directly affects the cost of construction and the actual effect.

It's too wasteful to buy a brand new excavator. Choosing a used excavator will also be a wise choice! Take the time to learn about used excavators. China Machinery Trade can recommend the most suitable equipment for you. After all, this small article only briefly introduces the basic knowledge of excavators. I hope this knowledge can really help you. So that you are interested in excavators!